So it’s my first day as a probationary firefighter. I’m so very blessed for the opportunity to become a fireman. Luckily today we didn’t get a fire call although that may have been thrilling, I’m super green but I’ll have to learn soon anyway. I was showed around a little more in depth then when I was interviewed. We did inspections on 2 of the trucks. My trainer showed me everything about the air tank and respirator. I got my hat,gloves, boots and outfit. I got a locker and I replaced a bad switch for the shower light. We drove around town got the lay of the land. There are a lot of corn fields here. (If you build it they will come) anyone get that reference great movie. The fields catch on fire sometimes so that’s a big part of this job. I just got done with a quick workout they have a great gym here and I’m about to leave. All and all I’d say it was a great day. Oh and I went to prison. Yep you heard me right there is an abandoned womans prison out here that the state let’s us light on fire for drills and I cant wait. The prison was built in 1929 so it was pretty cool just to walk through. It’s a small town so it will probably be a little slow. But seems like I’ll definitely get some grade A training here. Very blessed to begin this journey of what I hope is a long safe career. Some talk about helping people I’m ready to do it. Short and sweet today people stay safe hope you dont need to call me but if you do I’ll be there.

As always I love you if you read or don’t. Adapt or die.


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