Hope-a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.

Firstly it’s a beautiful day.We all have Hope’s and dreams. Dreams are your hopes for the future. I lost track of my dreams. The thing about hope it’s a lot like trust. Trusting that something is going to happen. You can have hope for others. I hope he makes that catch. I hope she gets in to college. We all have a large compassity for hope. Hope is all around us. Everyday we wake up we hope all our family and friends make it through the day. We hope this world survives it self. Hope is powerful. I hope every day to be happy and healthy. I hope yo become a full time fireman. I hope to have kids. I hope. It’s when we stop hoping for things that we stop living. Once I become a full time fireman, have kids, and I’m happy and healthy that doesn’t mean I’ll stop hoping. That just means I’ll have more to hope for. I hope the love of my life is always  there for me. I hope I die first. I hope my kids are healthy. I hope they get their dreams. Hope never dies. I hope I survive long enough to see my grandkids. I hope I can help just 1 person. I hope do you? Do you hope. Do you dream. I hope to dance a lot more. I hope to cry a lot less. I hope to love more. I hope to do no harm. I hope shes happy. I hope you’re happy. I hope you hope. I believe if we put our minds together and hope for a better tomorrow then we will make tomorrow better.

Let’s talk about today though. Today is my first day off in a while. I was getting beat turns out I had strep throat. Next day I work is monday at the chemical factory and then training that night at firehouse. I’m excited about my hope for the future. Everything in your life can change in a second trust me I know. Just know that if it changes for the worse you can say no your not going to give up on your Hope’s. You can do the right shit. You can work hard you can hope harder. You can get to where you always wanted it’s just a different path now. No two paths are the same,but different paths can lead to the same place. I believe in hope. I believe in giving people your best all the time. Nobody is going to tell me how to live. Nobody is going to steal my Hope’s and dreams. They can’t. I just want to help people. I love this world. I’ve been thinking of My mortality of late. I need to do more for this world hope for the people that have no hope. Whatever it takes.

I’ll leave you with this be happy with what you have, hope for a better future and live in the now. As always I love you if you read this or not. Adapt or die.



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