Life swings.

Babies and children love movement swinging is often one of life’s most cherished childhood memories.5th Century B.C. Greek artists are known for vase paintings that captured children and women swinging on swings. Pioneer families made swings using wooden sticks and rope tied to a tree to let their children frolic. In the late 1800s. Modern swings set can be directly attributed to the successful implementation of child labor laws. It seems that the natural progression from making children work in factories was instead, letting them play. So that’s a brief history on actual swings now let’s dive into the lifes metaphorical swings. Swing life away.
what does that mean to you? we all define it differently I’m sure. maybe you spend your free time reading maybe playing video games maybe drinking. who knows. the best part about life is you don’t have to do the same thing day in and day out. You can change. You can adapt. You can see it all or none of it. How do you spend your time? Have you see what you want? Are you where you want to be? Day in and day out things change. What are you looking for? Ask yourself is it right in front of you? Plan do check act. You can plan all day,but eventually you have to do something. it’s not over there though once you do you need to check and see if that’s what you wanted if not you might need to take more action. now not all of us are planners.and that’s ok there are always people in our lives (type A) that can help us elegantly disheveled folks. maybe you feel like your goals are unachievable a million miles away. you dont have to do anything major to achieve your goals sometimes all you need to do is sell your house and get divorced but I digress. jokes aside while you’re watching your life pass you by today ,tomorrow just do one thing no matter how small to build torwards your goal. don’t get me wrong this isn’t me advocating divorce that being said if divorce was all that was standing in the way of me and my beautiful baby girl I wouldn’t change a thing. again not advocating divorce figure your shit out and it might not be necessary. but what I mean to say is as humans we hate change but adapting to lifes swings is what make us human we adapt to our environment. we adapt to whatever life throws our way. its pretty cool. nothing wrong with becoming the best version of yourself. one things for sure we can’t be prepared for everything that life gives us. as humans it’s ok to fail, it’s ok to cry, to feel lost. I’m really good at my job I fix problems for a living but sometimes I cant fix the problem sometimes things are fubar (fucked up beyond all recognition) I can learn from it but it’s best to start a new. so if you think your life is fubar I’m here to tell you not possible. you may feel that way maybe you’re dealing with divorce, death, money problems. whatever it is please learn from it and everyday move the needle in the right direction if you are breathing your life isn’t fubar. know you aren’t alone. if it’s a friend you need I’m here. if its advice you need it’s out there for you good and bad be careful. if it’s just an ear to listen guess what we all have 2 I’m positive someone will truly hear you. life is truly like a swing to go up you have to start down. and just because you are up now doesn’t mean you will stay up. sometimes we fall to the ground. I have no delusions that my baby girl will never fall off the swing. I’ll be there to pick her up until she can pick herself up and then I’ll be there to cheer her on every step of her life. lifes swings are the best part of life they keep us real they make us feel. The birth of my child was a high swing. her first word, her first day of school, he first kiss and her wedding. this is the stuff we can’t experience everyday but I experienced it all for myself and I get to experience it again through her. she might fall and cry we may go to the hospital and deal with heartbreak. I know the high swings will by far out weigh the low 3 am crying for 2 hours for no reason. I know that the good by far out weighs the bad. I had someone say to me once how could you bring a child into a world like this. you know my answer before I had her was be the change you want to see. what I mean to say is be a good dad raise a positive free thinking beautiful woman. my answer today would be the fact that I can see love in my daughters smile when she sees me. now that’s something everyone should experience. as always thanks for reading or not and thank you for reading along with my lifes swings currently at an all time high. remember you are loved. Adapt and live.
If love is a labor I’ll slave to the end.

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