Hello blank sheet of paper. I got some stuff to say do you have time? I’ve lived a very interesting life to this point. I’m 28 years young 6 foot 1 inch 190lbs. Just so you get an idea of me. My parents are great and they did the best they could. I have 2 brothers and 1 sister. I’m divorced which we’ll cover later.

I was born in Oceanside CA in a house with a midwife.Brought up very religious and homeschooled  to 9th grade. As a kid I lived a happy life don’t really remember anything before 6 years of age which is weird I think. Like I kinda know what happened I just don’t remember living it. When I was 6 my parents left Oceanside to open a bed and breakfast with some friends in the mountains. This was a major life changing moment for me I could’ve lived a very different life. My dad left his 2 older sons in Oceanside and a great job working for the city to do this. I was 6 so still pretty easy going and I don’t think I really could grasp at that age what was happening. I regret nothing in life and I’m happy for the experiences but I wish I would’ve know my brothers more for longer. Anyways the bed and breakfast didn’t work out. My parents friends that they opened the thing with did some shady stuff there was a falling out and we lived with people or in a garage. I was still a happy kid of 6 and I think my younger  sister was happy as well.

I have a lot more to say but it’s late so thanks for listening and come back for more.


One thought on “Start”

  1. I am very intrigued. I don’t really remember my early childhood either. It is most blank. I remember certain events.


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