All I think me and my siblings ever wanted was a love like our parents. Dad- from him I got my hard working effort and how to treat a woman with love and respect. He’s a great man. Worked hard his whole life  to provide for his family so we could do better sure he made mistakes but thats how you learn I wouldn’t trade him for anyone. He’s an artist plays a 12 string he’s still got a little hippy in him and his faith is strong and always was.Thanks dad.

Mom-the kindest happiest woman you will ever meet. She’s always got a smile on. From her I learned everything I was home schooled till 9th grade. I try and bring her happiness with me everywhere I go. I’m usually singing when I enter a room about anything doesn’t matter. She sings and plays the mandolin with my dad. Thanks mom.

Sister- she’s the wild child she got all the hippy genes. she is very artistic glass blowing etc. thinking of her always.

Oldest brother- haven’t gotten to know him that well plan on changing that. I can tell you growing up I learned what not to do from him. So happy he got right and has 3 beautiful kids and a beautiful wife. Also very happy to be back in his life I need  both my brothers at this point in my life. He’s a hardworking family man. love you man thanks for being there.

Older brother- Always looked up to him he always seemed to have it figured out good choices. He’s come in and out of my life at different points in my life. He’s in my life now and hope it stays that way. From him I learned what to do straight edge. Thanks brother for being there and still being there. He’s also a great artist.

These are just a few of my favorite people. Thanks


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  1. Gratitude and the appreciation of what we can learn fro our loved ones and the connection it brings us is one of the major keys to happiness ! Keep writing

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