Forever is a long time to be sad.

If the past month of my captain America workout has taught me anything. Sometimes you have to break something down so you can build it back stronger. My heart was broken in 2 pieces now I have to build it back bigger and better. I have to love more, do more and be more. I doesn’t matter if you believe in God or which God you believe in. I was brought up in the bible. and it has taught me good life lessons as well as some lessons I don’t believe in. that’s why I’m an adult and I can think for myself. I like that it teaches us to love your brother as you love yourself. I think more often then not we only think about 1 part of that statement. love yourself or else how can you love your brother.

Today is St Paddy’s day. I had an amazing surprising experience Thursday. I plan on another night like that tonight just this time I’d like to know where I’m at when I wake up. The point I’m getting to is you can feel sorry for yourself or you can do something about it. build that heart the way you want it because forever truly is a long time to be sad. You are loved I love you.IMG_20180317_164253.jpg

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