These are a few of my favorite things.

When the dog bites
When the bee stings
When I’m feeling sad
I simply remember my favorite things
And then I don’t feel so bad

Sound of music grandmas favorite movie.

Today’s blog is a thank you to all the people/things who were there for me in the past and future. I’m sorry if I forget to mention you.

Let’s start with jim. Jim you were there if I ever needed to blow off steam. You made me get healthy and lose the fat. If it wasn’t for you I may have hit something many times but you made me focus on myself.

Chuck the one person who checked on me everyday once I told you what was up. I had no idea what a good friend you were until I needed a good friend. It’s been great working with you. Thanks you

Brother 2 you dropped your busy life and took the time to come see me in my time of need you filled my head with positive thoughts and even though we haven’t been in each other’s lives I know you are there for me if I need you. I’ve always looked up to you. Love you

Brother 1 you went above and beyond for me man you gave me a plan an out for a shitty situation.You have no idea what that meant to me. It kept me going. I know you were and are there for me.I love you and your family more than you know.

Alex old friend I know you would come if called. We’ve been friends since drama class. You cant make old friends so I’m glad you are one.

Oldhammer ever since I hit you in the face in pe with that ball I’ve considered you a good friend.  You had a role in helping me marry my future and for that I thank you. We joke a lot but I love you and yours especially ya dad. Thanks.

Lighthouse. Thanks for giving a place to go and forgive the past. You always lift me up love you and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Instagram. I’ve never been one to care about social media, but I will say I appreciate all the kind words and dms from people that didn’t even know me. You’ve played a role in my life and give me more hope for humanity. Love you.

This blog an outlet for my pain I hit the paper not the wall. Thanks

Music you always knew how I felt. You spoke to my spirit although sometime you made me cry it’s what I needed. Thank God for pandora we live in a great time technology is crazy.

The family that reached out in my dark days. Aunt thanks for cooking for me. Cuz thanks for touching base I know you got your own shot in Korea. I love you guys thanks.

Taylor ? You may not know this but I love you. I can be insensitive have been etc. I make fun because I care. You and yours have always been extended family to me. Cheers to French class donkey girl.

Mom and dad. It may have been hard but I’m glad you guys came and stayed with me for a bit. Love you guys like you are my parents. You did a great job. Hope I can do a good job raising my kids.

Inlaws  even though I’m not in your family still I know you guys are there for me. Love is an understatement.

Smoothie chicks. Thanks for giving me a friendly person to talk to and for the free smoothies.

The random girls who said they’d go out with me I thank you for the conversation even if it was the same everytime. You were all nice. Sorry my heart was taken. Wish you well.

Converse shoes no one knows the real reason I love these black and white beauties. Besides them being awesome. They remind me of my brothers and California when I wear them it’s easy to take my next step in life.

The gang at work the baseball games hockey games the karaoke. The shots. You guys are great. Love you.

Hammertime. I know I’m just a number at work but thanks for being a good boss through my hard time.

Watson thanks for making me feel again. Wherever you end up know I meant it when I said you were it for me.I own you a lot. You woke me up you gave my life a direction. I could never make it up to you. Love doesn’t Express my feelings it never could. Infinity might come close but it still falls short. You a

Logan and Gwendolyn  I don’t know you yet,I may never, but I love you and I’ll do my best.

Me It may sound like im full of myself trust me I’m not, but I’m proud of who I’m and what I’ve become. I feel as though I’ve pressed on and bettered myself in spite of the shit storm that is my life. Shout out to coffee and my realtor who I’m sure thought I was difficult. I still regret nothing. We end up exactly where we are supposed to be. Love hard and true.

I’m know I’m forgetting people just know I love you if you’ve touched my life. I appreciate life today more then ever. That’s one of the reasons I want to fight fires. Not for money or glory, but because life is precious and if I can even help save one life it will be worth it. I want to make sure your loved ones come home.

As always I love you if you read or even if you don’t read my blog. Adapt or die. I dont plan on dying anytime soon I got shit to do.










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