Grind- 1 reduce (something) to small particles or remove excess.

2-rub or cause to rub together gratingly causing noise.

The grind- life, work etc…

Good morning blog and what a beautiful morning it is. Its friday for me even though its actually Sunday and fathers day to boot. Happy father’s day to our fathers some day I hope to join the ranks. My lady made me dinner last night after a long day of work and gym. I appreciate that.She had coffee for my morning drive which helped greatly. I’m coffee guy now it’s weird. I wanted to tackle the word grind. So I’m almost 30 and my mortality has been on my mind lately. I could say its because I got divorced which definitely contributed but I think it was just time to grow as a person. Become an adult if you will. I had to deal with adult problems so i had to become one. I think we all become adults at different times in our lives. That’s not me saying that as adults we cant have fun and act like kids sometimes but it is me saying that we shouldn’t act as such all the time. We are all born soft, kids are soft because they fall a lot and usually no permanent damage is done they have baby teeth and eventually lose their baby teeth and their bodies grow into adulthood. We are born clan and we are grinded down to what we will become. I grind things at work. I take shape edges and make them safe. Grinding makes things shiny and clean. Every experience we have shapes us. Molds us. Our parents, our friends, our partners, strangers and life. The grind the day to day as they say. I’m largely starting over in my life because  I tried to skip ahead in life before I was ready for it. I wasn’t prepared to own a home work full time take care of a wife and have kids. I went from living at home to having a home and being married. I think I skipped a valuable part of the grind. Even though you may say I’m moving backwards in life I feel as though I get a second chance to redo some things better with more knowledge under my belt. I’m more prepared for this stage in my life. I’ve been grinded down. I’m not as shape as I once was.I’m shinier, cleaner and wiser me. I’ve got more life to live, more lessons to learn but I plan on not skipping to the end just enjoying the middle.

I will be starting a new position at work soon. Cant wait for the change of pace. I was 20 trying to be 30,now I’m 29 trying to be 29. I’m still hitting the gym hard and absolutely love it. I’m grinding away at my body to be healthy and strong. 45 minutes every other day and I love it. I never made it to my 10 year high school reunion but I dont really care anyone I want to see from high school I still see. Although I will say it is interesting to see how people look and what they do now in their adult lives. Stoner turned out to join the army and marry a popular chick. Mean girl turned out giving her time to charity. Who we are as kids doesn’t define we will be. Shit I want to be a fireman that’s a 180 from 10 years ago. I’ve been watching a show on Netflix called 13 reasons. Which is about a girl who kills herself because of bullying at a school and it’s a show so it’s going to be dramatic but I’m sure it captures how those kids that get bullied feel. We’ve all been bullied and most of us dont kill ourselves because of it. Maybe at some point we wanted to but now as adults we may look at those thoughts  as silly or we may wish we did I won’t speak for how you feel. Adults kill themselves all the time. It’s a powerful show and hard to watch at times. Things like this help us start the talk though. These kids that are bullied are being grinded down in the worst way till they feel like nothing. I’ve been there. I overcame this. All I can say is pay attention to your kids,yourself and your neighbor. A kind word may be all it takes. I’ve been thinking about my fellow man more and more lately. Not that I’m perfect. I’ll never be.

My parents are somewhere today not sure where hope they are safe. I can’t get a hold of my dad who I love and would love to tell him happy fathers day to and that he did a good job with his kids. My father is an amazing man didn’t always make the right choices no one does. But his kids all turned out ok for the most part. Nurture vs nature and what not. I know my dad won’t read this but I liked to just put it out there. Thanks dad. For being a hardworking man with morals. Being kickass at the 12 string guitar. Kind and God fearing. You always provided even in the hard times. Not all kids have a father who’s a positive role model. Love you.

As always I love you if you read or if you don’t. Adapt or die. Enjoy the grind.



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