Bad blood.

POS- piece of shit

So not much has been written about this particular POS hes a special kind of asshole. You always called yourself a pos so people would pay attention to you. But I feel like you think your shit doesn’t stink. I shed zero tears for you because you invalidated all my feelings towards you. I do wish you well and hope you grow up or fall in a vat of toxic waste which ever comes first. You were always bad for me. That’s so sad because we should’ve lifted each other up. You were my brother. I trusted you with my life since we were 6. You were family. We were going to rule the world together. Even Judas betrayed jesus though. Not that I think I’m jesus. It wasn’t all your fault but I counted on you for help not for you to undermine me. Just know that you didn’t defeat me. I bettered myself in spite of you. For that I thank you. In the end I got to see what I was made of. I got to see my true friends and family. I’m stronger for it. People I knew a fraction of the time I knew you and they were there for me. For christ sake (sorry god) you were my bestman. You aren’t a man you’re a snake who came to poison my life. I’m sad it had to end like it did  I never thought it would always thought it would end with us doing something stupid yet another reason we were bad for each other. You know what gets me you did it all so easily. I dont think you even regret the destruction you did. I made a house of straw. Now my house is brick. Just fyi. If you ever come near me or mine I have a lot more friends then I ever had before and they are a lot bigger than you. Next time I won’t keep them at bay. They hate you more than I hate you. I dont hate you I simply feel nothing for you. To me you are nothing. If I seen you on the street I wouldn’t fight you  I wouldn’t even say hi. I always seen you treat women and people like shit but i gave you the benefit of the doubt I thought you had a line I thought you had morals.  I do wish you the best kinda. Shit I hope you don’t even read this. I’m only writing it to get it off my head. I don’t think you will ever be satisfied.I don’t know you, I never did but you were a POS, be better , do better. P.s. if you don’t die in the toxic waste use your powers for good.

As always I love you if you read this or if you don’t.  (-POS) adapt or die.

21031_1246937980628_5059162_n this is they guy you betrayed and for what.

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