Peace-freedom from disturbance; quiet and tranquility.

Peace good word. The word it self can almost put you at peace. Peace means a lot of different things to different people. Maybe your peace is taking a smoke break out back. Maybe it’s running. Maybe it’s doing math who knows. We all think differently. I find peace in the little moments. I find peace in her smile. I find peace in a baby laughing. I find peace at the jim. I find peace at work when I’m machining something when I’m welding something. It’s not work when I do what I love. I find peace at the firehouse. Peace isn’t hard to find. You just have to stop just stop. For 1 second think about the good things in your life. Family, friends, pet and maybe job. Your health. The sun the moon the stars, ice cream. Find your peace. I’ve had a crazy life all over the place. All the money in the world won’t buy you peace. It will buy you a trip somewhere tropical but you have to be at peace with yourself and your life. That’s not me saying don’t try hard for the things you want. Work your ass off for what you want but be happy with what you have because you have so much. If you’re reading this you have eyes you have breath you have someone who loves you. Perspective people it’s all perspective. Lifes been good to me.  I’ve got a woman that I love more than anything and I can never show here how much and if someday she stops loving me so be it I said till I die and I meant it. I got my health. Besides the strep throat. I’m this close to being a fireman I can taste it. I have a decent job that pays well. I have a beautiful dog. I have brothers and sisters and mom and dad that all love me. Some would say I’m the richest man alive. I have peace. And I’ll fight to keep my peace no one can take my peace. Dont let others control your happiness your peace. Sure I’ve been sad but I pressed on because I believe in fate. I believe in faith. I believe in peace. I believe in you. The lining is silver people. And you’re golden. I write for myself for my thoughts. I write to put a little positivity in this world. Be at peace don’t worry what he said about you hes not worth it. Don’t worry what the neighbors just bought. Do you. Be the best you always you never know when you might be someone else’s peace. Complement always encourage all. Take the time to just stop. Someting beautiful is waiting for you in the peace.

So today I’m getting over being sick I’ll be at work tomorrow and at the firehouse Thursday and back at work all weekend. I’m currently at the jim need to hit it harder because it’s super physical being a fireman and I’m not nearly strong enough physically I hope mentally I am but we shall see. I’m at peace right now. Its Tuesday so 5 dollar movie night. Just tried an amazing authentic polish restaurant the other night it was great. The only thing that sucks about the fire thing is the more I do it the less I want to do my day to day job. It’s weird I’m 29 thought I always knew what I wanted to do to be and now I cant imagine not being a fireman. It feels like a calling. I just got the call late. Perspective changes everything. Can’t say I’m the same guy I was not that I was a bad guy before. Now I’m different and when I have kids I’ll probably be different again. Don’t be afraid to grow to change to compromise. Sound off in the comments with something or someone that brings you peace.

As always I fucking love you if you read this or if you don’t. Adapt or die. Peace.



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