My word is my bond. A statement that is largely out of date. How many people’s words are their bonds. Back before we had credit we had our words. I’ll pay you friday you have my word. I’m still a firm believer in this practice. I’m just not a firm believer in people’s words. People lie. I’ve lied in my life we all have, but I’d like to think that when I give you my word it means something. I gave my word when I got married till death do us part. My word is no joke. When you take away all the bull shit in life. The money,the things, the credit, all of it. Strip a man or woman down. What we have left is our words. Words can heal and hurt. Words are how we Express our feelings. To someone that doesn’t understand your language your words don’t mean a thing,but we can learn how to communicate. I took 3 years of French and I would be hard pressed to put together a French sentence. It’s a beautiful language and in high school I could speak a little. My point is words are important what you say is important. I’d love to see a world where we could trust people by their word. You know its sad as a society we’ve accepted being lied to by politicians. We say they all lie it’s just picking the lesser of 2 evils. Who do we want to lie to us. Why. Why can’t we hold people to their words. You can hold me to mine. I’m doing what I’m saying I’ll do. Unless I forget about it,but that’s a whole other issue. My word is my bond. Not my credit score. If you can’t back up your words with truth don’t say them. This is my journal it’s my thoughts. I only do it for myself. It’s my therapy. If you want to push your opinions of how I should feel. Do it on your own blog. Sorry for the tiny rant. I welcome opinions or comments from people without an agenda. I used to write a lot when I was sad now I just write when I feel like it.

My life is kinda back on track. I mean as much as it can be. I am largely starting over career wise, house wise. I like being a cadet firefighter. It’s tough at times but it’s worth it. I hate that I still have to work for a cold money hungry company. That doesn’t care about its biggest assets its people. If I had it my way I’d quit move somewhere nice and cheap and live the simple life that I want to live, but alas I have Bills and I want kids which cost money, and although I care less about having things I still like nice things or a nice dinner from time to time. Day 2 of my 8 day work week. Monday I’ll be back at the fire house. I need a vacation and just so happens I’ll be on a plane early August for Jamaica. When it comes to words I usually say exactly what I think,blunt honesty. Sometimes that gets me into trouble but I won’t stop. I will try and be more careful with certain people’s feelings but I have no filter and I like being that way.

As always I love you if you read or don’t. adapt or die. Make your word mean something. Follow through.


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