Team-people who come together as to achieve a common goal.

Teams have been a large part of my life. Don’t think of the word only applying it to sports. Teams are everywhere. Your first team was your mom and dad. Mine supported me pretty much till high school was over. They were my team. They had my back. Always cheering me on always there. Even if it embarrassed me at times. I dont know why it did. I appreciate it more now and I’m sure I’ll be that annoying dad at the field or math meet or what ever my kids end up doing. Loud and proud. I wish I could say my parents made a strong wessman team. They fractured our team,but it’s ok I love my brothers no matter what and where they are. I’ve always clung to teams first in high school it was soccer. I would’ve done anything for those guys then it was track same thing. Now in my adult life it was my marriage but why did that team fail communication. Communication is the key to every good team. If I don’t know what my teammates are doing how can we work together. I understand this fact now more then ever. My crew at work is my team. We work together. No one can go this life alone. Even if you think you are alone on a team of one. Even if you’re a shut in. Your on a team there is a team of people that allow you to be a shut in. A team of people give you power bring  you food etc. And you give them jobs. When it all goes to shit we will still need people. Look what we’ve done together.built great wonders, breakthroughs in technology and science. You think that we could do that all alone. Answers no. Teams did that. When we put aside our differences when we stop whining about the stupid shit we achieve great things together. I recently joined two new teams in my life. One is the fire department. Met a lot of good guys. Yep you heard me good people still exist. I barely know theses guys but I trust them with my life already. The other is my own personal family and it starts with my new lady and Walter . You know some times we fail as a team believe me I’ve lost before but you learn from losses and you train hard and come back fighting. I plan on expanding this team and taking this world by storm. A friend of mine always says teamwork makes the dreamwork and  I’ve come to love this statement. It takes communication, hard work, time, challenges . To make a team great. I worked hard when I was in track for my team. I wasnt always an awesome runner. In one year I went from having girls beat me. No offense girls. Please dont take it badly just trying to put it in perspective. To beating my high school record and going to state. Trust me I didn’t do it on my own. My point is we need each other we are social and  flawed people but together we can shine. Together we are whole. I bring some shit to the table and you bring some different shit to the table.

As always I love you if you read this or if you dont. I love my teams. Adapt or die.



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