The good with the bad

Pain is just a piece of mind. Everything I mean everything has a reason. Have you noticed that when bad things happen good things happen to. it’s up to us that when we have bad things happen we do the right thing. we cant fall into disparity. we cant give up give in. we just have to push that much harder to make good things happen. dont be sorry for things out of your control. the past is the past and you did what you had to. now today we can make up for yesteryear. we can surprise ourselves. we are stronger because of the past and thank God for that. we love each other and we lose each other life is fragile and short. it’s up to you and me to be strong for the weak and that doesn’t mean that we cant find help ourselves. it doesn’t mean we can’t lean on each other that’s what a house is that’s what a family is. 4 walls that lean on each other. there is a plan. life does a decent job of preparing us for things. that’s why we crawled before we walked. when we are young we want to race to the finish line. kids these days want to get old  quick. I want a job, I want to go to college,I want a license,I want to get married, I want kids it’s just the nature of the beast and I’m glad I slowed down a little now. I want to just enjoy today and tomorrow and whatever will be will be. I pledge to be the best I can be and sometimes that wont be very good. I’m not immune to pain and sadness. Just do the best you can no one can fault you for that. if the best you can do is a be a hot mess we’ll be here to clean that mess up. I pledge to be there for those in need. as a volunteer firefighter we have to hide our emotions or we couldn’t do our jobs. believe this we feel. we feel for the families we help. everybody is human everyone has a mom and dad. everyone bleeds. We all think we are invincible. We all think that will never happen to me. My parents are different they will live forever. My car won’t go in a ditch I can drive 20 miles over the speed limit. I can beat the train. I can jump off the roof and not get hurt ok so the last one is true at least for me. You get where I’m going. We are all breakable. Luckily I’m good at puzzles and we can all be put back together. I dont know what you are dealing with today just know my thoughts and prayers are with you. For every bad thing that happens look for the good. Trust me it’s there.


As always much love from the -21 degree Chicago weather. Love is more precious than gold.



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