Que sera, sera

Spanish (Que será, será)

English(What will be,will be)

Trials and tribulations will fall upon you. There will be hard life lessons and hard choices you must endure. Great highs and not so great lows. We all all experience every emotion at some point. One more hard day is just one more lessons you needed to learn. There is a purpose and a plan for everything. Just as there are bad things that happen. Great miracles happen as well. In my new job of choice. I see terrible things but I also see great miracles happen that’s the only way I can describe it. I’ve seen cars flip and and be crushed and people walk away completely untouched. This world has so much beauty in it. And yes great sorrow does exist. Great disappoint. I’ve had a year so far,  anything that could happen has.  And I’ve experienced the full range of emotions. Currently in said emotions and I do believe I’m strong enough now for more and maybe that’s why I had to endure what I have for the past year. So I’d be ready for this. Dreams don’t die.I’m sorry for the confusion we are in my head right now my inner thoughts. Bare with me don’t stress the could haves, if it should have it would have. Don’t self destruct. Do the right thing. Subtract from the pain. Don’t add to it. No one ever told me while I was growing up that it would be easy. And I seen first hand how hard life can be. We struggle to be born we struggle to live and sometimes  to die. And then there are these moments that we struggle for. The reason we do it all. a babies first cry. Walking your daughter down the aisle. Your 100 birthday party with all your family and all the love. A lazy weekend with the ones you love. Anytime with loved ones for that matter.We struggle for the love, for the what will be. Whatever ever you are going through this to shall pass. And at said 100 birthday party you will look back on this moment as a stepping stone to bigger and better things. As I write these words I write to myself. To remind myself not to lose my way in sadness. And if some of these words speak to you. If you can relate to the madness that comes out of my head I hope you to dont give into the sadness. Don’t  give up. Dont stop trying. Don’t stop living. Help someone in need. If only to just be kind. You dont know what someone is going through. Hell you’re in my head and probably dont know what I’m going through. As always much love if you read this or not. Que será, será


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