a person who has run away, especially from their family or an institution.
also denoting something happening or done quickly, easily, or uncontrollably.
It’s something lots of kids think about doing and some try. you know as a kid you have no decision power and if your parents are making bad choices you can’t do anything. of course as kids we think we know everything. so you pack your favorite stuffed animal, a snack or 2 and hit the road. I’ve been there. I almost ran away as a kid I packed my walkman and a stuffed pikachu I don’t remember if I took any clothes and I went for a walk. No i didn’t go through with it. I walked what felt like miles but in fact was probably only a few blocks. you see me and my family had been running our whole lives you would’ve thought we were in witnesses protection. I can remember just crying at night talking to myself like I do. I just wanted my brothers. I wanted to go back to the beach where I was born.For the most part I was a happy kid. If you have older brothers you know you always look up to them and love them and need their advice because they’ve been where you are. I was robbed of that my life will never be that. but as a kid I also new running away wouldn’t help. so I went back ,but I kept running all through highschool I ran all the way to state finals. I ran into marriage and buying a house. I don’t do a half measure. Yoda says do or do not ,there is no try. when things got hard with my marriage I almost ran from it. granted not by choice. I made her run from me.I had to run as far away as possible or I would never get over her. so I set my sights on 3k miles away. but yet again I knew running wouldn’t make the hurt go away we can’t run from our problems if we don’t deal with them they will always follow us. I don’t want to runaway anymore I want to run towards the fire, my wife, my baby, my problems and my future. not away no not me. I’m here to be a rock for that little girl. when she sneaks out at night I’m here at 3 am waiting. when she gets in trouble I’m here to bail her out. in the good times and the bad I’ll be there. I hope she never wants to runaway. but if she does I’ll be here when she comes back. if she gets my love for running I’ll be there at each of her races. whatever she decides she likes to do. I’ll be there. I know she’ll be a runaway success in life. Count the stars in the sky because the night she’s born there will be one less up there and 1 more down here.
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