A tale as old as time.

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Never fitin really anywhere except Her arms, her hand, her presence. She’s been my bestfriend since 16. I said true love not easy. love isn’t necessarily easy. aspects of it are easy, but love needs work. You might say how do you know. Well keep up.
First off she’s my best friend through marriage and devorce she remained my best friend. She was and is my most consistent. Being with someone that thinks like you. for example we don’t have a doorbell on our house and we couldn’t give 2 shits. We’d rather stay in bed and binge Netflix. We can just exist together and love every moment. Unless you’ve found what I have you won’t understand. That being said nobody in love hasn’t been lonely and lost first. The person that gets you is out there. Right around the bend.
we both like old. old names, old houses. everybody knows they don’t build things like they used to. I’m not saying we are the same I’m saying we complament each other. I can be myself and God knows that’s the only way I know how to be. in my mind she’s my first and last everything.We picked out names for our kids when we were 16 and we agreed almost instantly. We definitely dont agree on everything but I don’t want to be with someone that doesn’t have an opinion.we have a history. she’s not all I know anymore but she is all I want to know and she is all I can remember. sometimes people grow old and grow apart and sometimes things just get in your way. shit got in the way. I got no time for it I cleared it all away and I will continue to do so. shes my kind of crazy and I’m definitely crazy.crazy for her. It’s jock meets nerd. she makes me a better me.
shes about to make me a dad.
she doesn’t make me dinner but she can make a mean dessert.
We all have choices in this life. I’ve made mine I know myself I know my path. I have no clue what kind of bumps will come our way but we weathered divorce. We ready to double team this parenting thing. 2 is more 2 is better. Sometimes 2 is one. She’s my one. My riot girl. I could care less about the rest. BEAUTY AND THE BEAST.
As always thanks for reading or not. Adapt or die.

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