viable – capable of working successfully; feasible.
24 weeks not out of the woods but we can see the finish line. So gwendolyn is viable . 40 percent chance of survival though so stay put gwen. We are excited to meet you, but we can wait. I read that you are roughly 14 inches, almost 2 pounds, your hair is growing and you are putting on baby fat. I love your mom. I love that you are part of her. I love you. something so small,someone that’s not even on this earth breathing for herself and I can’t see my life without you. you are so fragile and I know no matter how strong you will become. You’ll always be fragile to me. in this life it’s hard to be viable. life sucked for a bit and then you came along. life sucked without you and your mom. It would’ve been easy to give up to throw in the towel it would’ve been easy to make more mistakes I’m sure nobody would’ve blamed me for freaking out or having a melt down. I failed, I lost, I learned, I got up and tried again. I had these experiences so one day I could teach you. I know you are capable of succeeding because I’ll be here to pick you up when you fail. we all fail we are all unviable sometimes. At least we feel that way at times. the way I see it is failure is the only option. It’s the only way to learn. I’m not gonna be the perfect dad always I’ll fail. I’ll get upset, I’ll forget and most of all I’ll learn. fathers day was Sunday I’ll get to celebrate that with you next year. I’ll be here to give you the head start in life that I never got. I’ll be here to make you viable in life. you and your mom are the most important people in my life period. Baby gwen is developing the part of her brain that thinks. at this very moment she is having some of her first thoughts. I’ve been thinking about her since I was 16. No matter how shitty life got or how good life got. I never lost site of her. If I succeed at nothing else in life other than raising a beautiful,strong,kind and smart little girl/woman. Then my life was viable. My life was a success. For me that’s the end goal. For me that’s heaven on earth. Thanks for reading or not. Stay viable.

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