Isn’t ready just another word for scared shitless.

what’s the number 1 question people ask at this point of a pregnancy are you ready?
I’m ready for the sleeplessnights.
I’m ready for the diapers.
I’m ready to be in charge of another human.
I’m ready for the fights.
I’m ready for the boys that come around.
I’m ready for the drama.
I’m ready for the fragile baby that can’t hold its own head up.
I’m ready for her to go to school.
I’m ready for bullies.
I’m ready for the crying.
I’m ready for her to become a woman.
I’m ready for the cost.
I’m ready for the incessant girl giggling.
I’m ready for the I hate yous
I’m ready for the shit everywhere
I’m ready for the questions I can’t answer.
I’m ready for the bathroom always being inuse.
I’m ready for the makeup and the piercings.
I’m ready for the delevery
I’m ready for the unforseen.
it can all be overwhelming. having a baby and keeping it safe is probably something you or I could never fully prepare for .
I will tell you what I’m not ready for though.
I’m not ready for the tiny socks
I’m not ready for the pink clothes
I’m not ready for the tea parties
I’m not ready for the teaching her to ride a bike
I’m not ready for the hugs
I’m not ready for the great things she’ll do
I’m not ready for the drawing outside the lines.
I’m not ready for the woman she’ll one day be.
I’m not ready for the I love you daddy

Incase this blog didn’t make sense. reread the title.
I’m as scared and as ready as I’ll ever be. Shelves are stocked with diapers. All the stuff is put together. Carseat is in the car. Checklist are done.I take courage in the fact that others have come before me. Anyday now. Any minute I could get the call. There is going to be another human hanging around our house. That’s a crazy thought. This is the final countdown next time we talk my life will be a whole lot different. For the better. This is why we do it. This is why. Come on gwendolyn. I’m excited to be your dad. As always thanks for coming along on this journey. Adapt or die.

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