Wonderful life.

This ones for my daughter my first embarrassing act as a father.
Listen to my performance of Your Song. http://yokee.tv/r/iMXx5CQRmb
I think we all find that thing that makes life wonderful eventually. Its kinda why we’re all here right. whether we are George Bailey or the man behind the curtain we are just looking for a wonderful fantastic life. sometimes it takes an angel or a girl in ruby slippers to show us what’s important in life. take a moment to imagine the world without you in it. how would your family feel. what would be different. most of the time we have no idea the people we touch. We have no idea how our actions make all the difference even if just for one person. ones all you need. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again if all I do in this world is help just one person it will all of been worth it. I’ve lived a wonderful life. I’ve seen what happens when I’m on the outside looking in. I’ve been alone I’ve been on that bridge with Mr. Bailey. guess what I didn’t jump and an angel got her wings.(gwendolyn) I found out what was truly important. My wife, My daughter and my true family and nothing else. not what’s on tv, not what some sad person says about me. definitely not those that try and take my wonderful. you can’t take my joy. my joy is my daughter. my wonderful is my wife. I hope when you stand on that bridge the crossroads of your life that you stand tall. it’s ok to be sad you can cry just don’t jump. there is a room full of people that count on you. that love you that need you just as much as you need them. take a sad situation and make it better. remember we’re all human and we all make mistakes. it’s an odd feeling going to the hospital to have a baby. 2 went in 3 came out. Only time ever that 1 plus 1 equals 3 that’s crazy. If you’ve had a kid you know the feeling. it’s super hard to describe. you’re excited,scared,helpless and happy all at once. now that my little girl is here. I do feel a little better shes healthy. shes ok. shes scared and wondering what is this strange place. it will take time for here to feel safe. it’s a big world for her on the other had my world got a lot smaller 6 lbs 9 ounces to be exact. shes little, shes exactly as I imagined her though. got her moms nose,full head of blonde hair. perfect in every way. couldn’t of asked for anything else. me and my wife look a lot alike so of course gwen is gonna look like both of us. we are still at the hospital. I know when we leave this safe haven we will be solely in charge of her safety which is scary. when she came out and started crying instantly it was a relief so much so that when she stops crying I worry she isn’t breathing. but she fusses alot to let us know shes here and has feelings. this is why we do it. this is why I regret nothing in my life. without my mistakes. without my journey she wouldn’t be here. learn from everything. never regret. sometimes great things wait behind your mistakes and missteps. I would be remiss to not mention my beautiful wife and the great job she has done from day one. I had very little hand in making her healthy and getting her here safe. the wife had a hard pregnancy but what looked and seemed like a pretty good labor. If that’s something you can say. baby is pooping like crazy and passing all here test. the hard part is figuring out the best way to make her life the best I can. that all I want my life my new goals are keeping me 2 girls happy, healthy and wise. loved is easy. if this blog has shown us anything I’ve loved these 2 girls for over 13years now. life just got a whole lot more wonderful. as always much love from the 3 of us in Chicago. Adapt because dying isn’t an option anymore.

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