White picket fence

Enter a realm a place neither here nor there. A place not easily see with the eye but more so the heart. It’s a feeling of warmth and love. That can only be described as heaven on earth.

I lost but I also won. I left it all on the field. I made it through highschool. I made it through childhood. I’ve adulted. I’ve failed at everything I’ve ever done including everything I’ve ever been good at. I went from being beat in races by girls and boys. being last. being the very worst. it gave me the drive to be a state runner. and eventually placed me 4th in the state for the half mile. trust me i know what it means to lose. I’ve wanted a baby girl since before I can remember yet I failed at being able to have one till now. I lost everything that ever meant a damn to me. and at rock bottom that’s what makes us.theres a saying that goes pressure makes diamonds. rock bottom made me stronger strong enough to adapt and overcome. I didn’t know I was losing my whole life so I could win in the end I didn’t know I was training to get everything I ever wanted which you may not think is a lot. the wife the dog the baby girl. the white picket fence. to me that’s everything. they say you don’t know what you’re missing till it’s gone. if I never got that baby girl that I have. would I even know what I was missing? I believe I would. to me shes always been my daughter. I believe in the here and after and I believe in happily ever after.im happily ever after in the here and now.I believe in heaven. I know that’s where my baby girl came from. the white picket fence in the sky. to me a white picket fence is a symbol of heaven on earth it’s the American dream. its everything. it’s the symbol of a stable home a sturdy protection from the worlds problems.if I know you and love you trust me you are in my white picket fence even if you’re a million miles away. now that might not mean much to you but it does to me. we all gotta end up somewhere. if you happen to find your white picket fence on earth and I wish that for you. dont take it for granted. my white picket fence is a smile from my little girl even if shes just sleeping. it’s a laugh from my wife. it’s time spent with family. its walter barking at nothing. and although I don’t actually have a white picket fence yet. I feel as though I do. it’s an amazing gift that I know I don’t deserve but I’m happy to have. I hope that I can be my daughters white picket fence that I can keep her safe and happy.
as always i love you for reading or not. enjoy the view

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