Life between 2 dates.

Listen to my performance of Even Though I’m Leaving.
I took a survey once that said I’d die by a pack of wolves. I’d like to die next to my best friend at an old age surrounded by family. the bible tells us that no man knows the day nor the hour. thank God for that. can you imagine knowing that. life is wacky one day you’re picking daisy’s the next day you’re the daisy. no one knows how it ends. we write dramas, comedies, tragedies. we know how those end but life is all those in one. my life is a fairy tale romantic comedy, but theres drama and tragedy and betrayal in there as I’m sure in your life as well. we can write about it, but never predict it. now we all fit into these certain boxes growing up. popular box, jock box, nerd, etc… until one day we are grown and we have to think for ourselves we have to fend for ourselves. now that jock we never liked in highschool may be our bestfriend and our life long best bestfriend may be a nobody. you ask how does it end. I ask how do you want it to. and what are you gonna do to make that happen. Things happen to you and you can’t change that you can only change how you react to those things. I never regret a single thing I do. you might not believe that. it’s TRUE though on my tombstone it will say 2 dates that matter to no one the most insignificant dates of my life. its what’s between those dates that matter to me that matter to my loved ones I don’t want to be remembered for the day i was born and the day I died I want them to remember me for the days I lived and loved. I know one of the dates on my tombstone and I’m currently writing what’s inbetween my dates. I hope the end is far off. I got more left to do. more people to help and most importantly a beautiful girl to raise. it’s been a while since I’ve blogged. I don’t really need it anymore my wife and daughter are all I really need. I’m writing my life with them. not that lifes all Rose’s I still get frustrated I still get upset but I know how to handle those things. who will write your stories who will remember you when you lean your second date. don’t let your dash pass you by while you worry about that second date. I’m here where I’m supposed to be with a little girl that doesn’t want to ever burp and always wants to eat even when she is choking. who sleeps all day even whe I’d like her to be up. I know her life is all about eating, sleeping and pooping and my life is all about making her happy. I’m still trying to make it full time as a firefighter it’s a tough job to get. I took a test with 320 others passed that and got an oral interview. now it’s just a waiting game. I’ll say this no matter how it all turns out I’m good. im here sharing my dash with the ones I love. enjoy your dash. small update on me I just finished remodeling our bathroom and I got about a week left off work to be with my wife and baby. sucks my time with them is almost over. it’s funny people say after 6 weeks you’ll be begging to come back to work. I never want to leave them. I ain’t afraid of no diapers. I’ve definitely stayed busy while off. baby gwen has started sleeping through the night so that’s good. as always adapt and live your ———

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