True colors.


Paint hides many imperfections, but eventually they bleed through the paint.
as humans I feel we hide so much from one another. we fake smile and pretend it’s all ok. hows it going? ok, good, and great we answer but do we mean it. I’m a big believer in speaking your mind. telling your truths. I try and live my life like Cramer in Seinfeld. I blurt shit out. but I still have my secrets. I mean we ask the question but are we ready for the truth. do we just ask to be nice? is it nice if its empty? I’ve always been an outsider. the new kid trying to please others trying to fit in. putting on my jock colors putting on my theater colors. etc… don’t get me wrong this isnt me advocating that you be mean. this isn’t anarchy. just truth. from the day we are born our parents and society try and put us in cages. get a job cage.get a house cage keep your ideas and thoughts in a cage. we mistake time for value not always true. we mistake money for value. my value and your value could be very different things. At the end of the day no matter what you paint or what I paint the canvas is the same. we are actually on the same team. It’s funny I’m working on a very big project at work 40million dollar project to be exact. of course everyone has their own ideas and I’m not saying I’m always right but I’ve had arguments with others just trying to get things done that in the long run are going to help us succeed. I’ve had arguments where people will tell me why their idea is better when in all actuality they are saying the same thing as me. sometimes the paint we wear sticks us to a certain way of thinking sometimes we paint ourselves into a corner with no exit. the problem with wearing all the colors is that all colors combined create black. we can’t play all sides we can’t put on all the paint without becoming dark. this worlds mad. the rules change daily. theres no way to keep up. what I can say today I can’t say tomorrow. what I could think yesterday I can’t even imagine today. I don’t like getting political on here that being said I will say. I’m sick of it aren’t you. I mean just watch the debates it’s a shit show. nobody’s real. I just wish for once in my life. a candidate would say what they think what they are going to do. not cut others down. they say why everyone else is shit. all I really give a fuck about is what you think not another candidate. I don’t believe that cutting others down builds you up. it would be refreshing if we didn’t have to pick the lesser of 2 evils. but politics are inherently evil so I digress. we are so quick to worry about what someone else is getting and we aren’t. worry about your shit take care of your shit and you will get what you want. the bible tells us not to covet your neighbors shit. let your colors shine. break out of society’s cages. be yourself. be free
as always thanks for reading or not. adapt and live.
Always be yourself or Ace Ventura

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