prevalent over a whole country or the world.
comes from the Greek words pan(all) and demos(people)
a pandemic touches everything and everyone because we are all connected when my neighbor hurts I hurt.if you think this is a joke just look to history in 1918 the spanish flu came through our country st Louis and Philadelphia chose to handle it very diffrently st louis shut down and Philadelphia had a parade.long story short Philadelphia had thousands of deaths and st Louis had less than half that.With all the social distance efforts going on around the country, St. Louis — even more than 100 years ago — is proof why it can be so vital in saving lives.It’s not a joke and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. that being said. fear not. panic and fear in a time like this never helps. People don’t think straight when panicked.When people feel stressed, their sympathetic nervous system typically revs up, releasing energy and preparing the body for action. Then the parasympathetic nervous system steps in, and the body stabilizes to a calmer state. If the parasympathetic nervous system is somehow unable to do its job, a person will remain fired up and may experience the heightened arousal characteristic of a panic attack. I think it’s safe to say we are all a little heightened right now. we are creatures of habit. We need to feel in control of our lives. we feel that control slipping panic sets in and we buy up all the toilet paper it’s nice to see that everyone wants to stay clean but really only take what you need so that people that actually need tp and baby formula can have it.take this time to kiss you wife and baby. I see all over the internet people are taking the time to create. Think of this moment as bonus family time. We will be out and about again.take this moment in history to be kind to your fellow man. it just so happens that many have taken it upon themselves to help others ie grocery shopping for the elderly I applaud you if you have. we need to be there for our fellow man. I’m good if I get stuck with my wife and baby at home I’m good. the people we need to worry about are the people that live alone . If you know someone that might be a little extra isolated maybe reach out. let them know you’re thinking of them. and if you’re reading this know I’m thinking of you. We don’t know the future I have great faith in us though. this covid 19 wouldn’t be kind to my wife who has asthma or my 6month old baby yet I chose not to panic. The wife asked me why aren’t you afraid of anything as we took a walk the other day. it’s not that I dont fear it’s that I know how to control my fear. I know how to step into a situation and help others and not let my fear control me . I know that if I let the fear consume me I wouldn’t able to function. it’s that ability that makes me want to be a fireman and help others and maybe one day that dream will be a reality. in the meantime my day to day job is working for a chemical soap factory and as the world shutsdown we continue to run. I’ve heard our slogan for 10 plus years now making the world cleaner and safer. we are the leaders of that and I never actually thought what I do matters. I never thought we actually made a difference. that is until this exact moment we make 7 of the top 10 chemicals that kill this fucking disease. we cant make it fast enough. Today I gladly go to work. perspective is everything. I’d like to leave you with a scripture and it applies to you even if you don’t believe. be kind to one another. as always I love you if you read this or not. adapt and live.
2 Timothy 1:7
For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

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