1Up-An extra life is a term used in video games means to award the player with an extra chance to beat the game.
they say you only live once. I think thats only partially true. we may live one life but within that life we get second and third chances. we get forgiveness. We get 1UPS. in today’s climate we see how quickly life changes. we see how fragile it all is. but hey we’re still here we get that 1UP we get to correct course I almost didn’t have my daughter,I almost left my wife for good and I almost had regrets. I almost missed my 1UP. Things rarely work out the first time. We have to work at shit. we have to train for greatness . we have to experience a few gameovers to learn and get better. when we make it to the top ,when we save the princess at the end we can’t forget how we got there.because sometimes in life you have to save the princess more than once. most days we have to fight the bad guy. bad guys will always be there,but I think we out number them. we fight for the good of all. we fight for each other thats the difference. kupas fight for nothing except your gameover. we fight for everyone to win. my success isn’t my own. its those that helped me get there. my family, my friends. those that gave me a shot. pay it forward my friend to often we try and bring others down when we should lift up and help the weak so that they may become strong. give someone a 1UP. you know I think one of the hardest things in life for most people to do is to forgive others. we hold grudges that weigh us down. you got to let shit go. so that you can go. you can move that needle as they say. With every turn away from a better world, there is often a stronger correction towards it. Have hope and keep hope. I heard someone describe the way everyone is feeling now and I thought it was quite on point so I’ll share. we all are experiencing roadrage on a constant basis. ok so follow me here. roadrage isn’t just some guy in a car being a dick. the nicest people you know can have roadrage. because the stakes of being in car are so high. you could kill others or yourself. when someone cuts you off or drives like an asshole you lose your shit. ok make sense. we are all couped up can’t work, riots, protest, miss information and general unrest if you will. the stakes are high right now and the future is uncertain we don’t know if we will win this game. we are all experiencing roadrage on a global scale. ok so we need to stop, relax, and think clearly for a moment so we can make good decisions and find a way out. use our 1Up wisely. Sometimes you can be to close to something to see the problem right in front of your face. tired or frustrated. I get it I feel it. the wife feels it. Change is rough. at least it can be. Cooler heads will prevail. today my friends I leave you with this it takes but one candle to dispel the darkness. be that candle. As always I love you for reading this or not. adapt and live


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