Southern Belle


Southern belle.
Derived from the French word belle, ‘beautiful’) is a stock character representing a young woman of the American Deep South’s upper socioeconomic class. … The southern belle archetype is characterized by southern hospitality, a cultivation of beauty, and a flirtatious yet chaste demeanor.
“Just cause I’m wrong it don’t make you right” The outsider by Needtobreathe
hi hello. its been a minute. its tough. lifes tough 2020 did I miss something was this supposed to happen in 2000 was this y2k. I will say This cancel culture that’s growing is toxic and counter productive tearing people down is usually wrong we need to build each other up. educate and discuss we may not agree on everything but we need to be able to talk to each other and get along. guess what we have to live together yet I digress. Works a little slow even for a sanitation company. we sell chemicals to clean the world but nobodys going anywhere. so 30 percent of our business has taken a hit. gwen is good shes crazy like her dad you know climb up shit jump off shit do it all again. I can tell already that she’s exactly the baby I’ve always been meant to have. Its awesome when the person you’ve always imagined your daughter to be is the person your daughter is to a T. We never got sick here at least yet. The wife’s been working for home for what feels like forever now. I’ve been making killer meals on the cheap it can be done. Lifes on track even in this crazy world. now I know thats not everyone’s story. but hey this is my blog. I’ve had my share of bad times. I’ve lived in a car and in a garage and plenty of bad shit has happened to me. choice my friend. we all have them. I choose to wake up everyday and provide for my family. I choose to be better then before so that my kid may be and have better. I choose to be the man I see in my head so that I can be the man I see in my head. my goals are probably similar to most people.freedom, success, love, purpose, happiness and safety. I think we can all agree on that. right. goals what are your goals? well being a new dad priority one is my kid right. so im looking down the road I want her to have a leg up. good school good environment. you know like any good parent wants. I want her to be kind and sweet. I hate Illinois tax you to death state. so im thinking Tennessee. beautiful, low taxes, good schools. check, check and check. I want an acre or 2. I want to wake up to the mountains. I want my girl to have a horse if she wants. city lifes not for me. now we got time my kid has many moons till school. I know plans change. shit happens. one day hopefully sooner then later I’ll be coming to you from Tennessee. I’ll be looking at the smoky mountain. lifes a crazy ride. you can look at your situation and say I’m good lifes good family’s good. so whats next level.we make our own way in this land of the free. As always much love from Illinois. adapt and live

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