Widowhood effect.

 Sometimes its best to leave a party when it’s at its peak, before most of the other guests have left, before the conversations have exhausted themselves, before the champagne goes flat and it all just kind of goes blah.

Widowhood Effect. the increase in the probability of a person dying a short time after their long-time spouse has died. particularly but not exclusively, in the three months closest thereafter the death of the spouse. Also called “dying of a broken heart”. Becoming a widow is often a very detrimental and life changing time in a spouse’s life, that forces them to go through changes that they may not have anticipated to make for a significant amount of time. Responses of grief and bereavement due to the loss of a spouse increases vulnerability to psychological and physical illnesses.
often a sad thing losing a loved one. I write of this effect because its actually quite beautiful. Its one more indication of true love. I’m sure most of you have heard of this effect I mean movies and books have been written about it ie notebook. maybe you’ve seen it first hand. You could wallow in the sadness of it or the Beautiful thought that 2 hearts once together can never be apart. I feel that way about my wife it feels like we’ve been together forever. even when we were apart our hearts wanted to be together. the heart can do much. it controls much. it makes us all fools. but good fools. its no respecter of persons. it cares not for color, religion or class . it mearly loves.but I digress
I’d like to tell a few stories of such an effect.
side note
The No. 1 cause of death of a bereaved spouse is heart disease and sudden death, meaning the heart stops,” NBC News

JD told everyone he couldn’t live without his wife,
He took care of her as her dementia deepened and she slowly faded. But even during her last difficult year, they relied on each other Frail as she was, she translated the world for him, making up for his failing eyes and ears.
When Opal died at age 97 on the morning of Jan. 13, they’d been husband and wife for 81 years, partners in a marriage so enduring. their devotion was clearly an unbreakable bond. true love
And so it goes JD followed Opal into death just after dawn not 2 days after she died. He was 101 and he was true to his word.
“He was not going to be here without her,” said JD to his son. wow 81 years of marriage thats awesome.

love is a very physical connection.One study I found, in fact, monitored six longtime couples’ hearts as they slept. When the couples lay next to one another, their hearts began to beat in rhythm with one another.

Carlton and Leona were a team.
They worked together in their expansive vegetable and flower gardens on their 14 acres. They participated in church activities. They packed their camper every year and vacationed with their four children. When one of them worked, the other ran the household.
And when Leona suddenly became sick and died, Carlton groom of nearly 62 years followed just 14 days later. His son said dad just kept saying he wanted to go.his place was with her.
its tough because more often than not the kids and family’s have to feel the pain of losing both parents close together and yet I hope they take peace in the fact that their parents were soulmates and are forever together.

When the woman dies first I found that men are 5 percent more likely to die than women. who knows why. God knows I’m lost without my better half.

For our last couple we have a Georgia husband and wife married for 71 years who died exactly 12hours apart. Herbert and Marilyn story started in a cafe when Herbert worked up the gumption to ask Marilyn out. A year later they were married. 5 kids,16 grandchildren, 4 great grandchildren and 2 great great grandchildren. they built a world together they were the center of each others world. the beauty of being with someone that long is you never forget each other. Even as Herbert forget his kids, his friends and his address he never forget Marilyn. Last thing he said on this earth was. “it was a good life Mal we started a successful business and had 5 beautiful kids. To think I almost didn’t go in that cafe. I’ve had the fullest life because of you. I love you.I’ll see you soon.”
He died at 2:20am and at exactly 2:20pm Marilyn followed. They hadn’t spent a night apart in 30 years their kids mentioned.
another kid said their parents showed them what true love is.
Weither you believe in heaven, hell or nothing believe in love there are countless stories like these couples. We could all be so lucky. I hope you all find the can’t think ,can’t breathe and can’t live without kind of love. As always I love you for reading or not. adapt and love.

‘I am nothing special, of this I am sure. I am a common man with common thoughts and I’ve led a common life. There are no monuments dedicated to me and my name will soon be forgotten. But I’ve loved another with all my heart and soul, and to me, this has always been enough.” The Notebook.


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