1 : the cause, reason, or purpose for which know why you did it.
hello friends. we’re friends right. why else would you be here. The notorious question why. why did he cheat? why is she ok? Why get out of bed? why did God take her?why not me? we all ask why. we all get asked why. our why changes as we change and grow. you know as a kid my why was a lot different than my why today.(track,food,girls) hell my why today is completely different from my why before I became a father. Every fiber of my being is prone to protect my kid. As a firefighter i was willing to set my life aside for people i didn’t even know. What do you think I’d do for my own flesh and blood. Nothing I wouldn’t do. I get it I know what its like to be a father and let me tell you it puts your shit in perspective. I’m confronted with why on a daily basis. infact there’s a management tool for figuring out why something has failed at work called 5why. personally I believe it to be a waste of time, but it has its uses. The idea is to get to the root of the problem. For example light cought on fire. so 1st why- light got wet 2nd why- hole in roof 3rd why-storm damage 4th why- old roof 5th why- company to cheap to replace. so you get the idea. but to me it was obvious light got wet. totally hypothetical situation btw. I digress. the why is simple for me now. my daughter. I have to consider her in every why from now until forever. I have to ask myself why if I’m going to do something dangerous. I have to ask myself how will my decisions affect her. how will my answer to the why change her life. well friends its a heavy choice yet an easy one. everything I do from here on out will be for her. to give her a fighting chance in this mad world. its not easy growing up in this world I know that. and I won’t always have the answer for her. and sometimes I’LL be wrong and other times I’LL be more right then she’ll ever know. so when it comes to me and her I don’t need a 5 why. just the one why. me and the wife only have that one why now. I hope I haven’t lost you in my babbling. I really do hope this finds you well. if you’ve been following me. I’d like you to know that I appreciate you. and as a quick update on my life my why turns 1 year old very soon . I had a tree fall on my house minor damage. me and the wife have decided with our little girl in mind to sell our house and move somewhere south for her. this house will be missed I’ve had a picture of my daughter growing up in this house in my head I could see her coming down the stairs for her first dance. I seen the height marks on her door way. I seen her reading books in the library I built. I seen me and the wife on our wrap around porch with 2 rocking chairs. I seen it all here. and for that I will shed a tear and I am sad to let that go. but sometimes things change. we’ll have all these things exactly where we are supposed to.it will all work out. bigger and better my friends. I’ll leave you with this life is short. live it well find your why and hold onto it. as always I got nothing but love if you read this or not. if you’re my enemy I’m sorry it ended up this way i wish you the best. if you’re my friend I miss you.


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