Clear eyes, full hearts can’t lose

The goals are simple seconds thats all it takes. one second you see it the next its gone. In a second the game could be won or lost. I like to look at life as this giant map and as a kid you have hundreds of paths. you have wide eyes if you will and as you grow you cross off some paths ,others become blocked and some just disappear. now don’t let this discourage. the map gets smaller because we get wiser. we see more clearly. we hone our skills and likes. For some of us we like a small map we like that we can see the plan in one hand. now if you look at my map and I imagine yours as well. you’ll see circles and lines. you’ll see mistakes you’ll see scars, you’ll see anger and love . Did I take the easy way at the fork in the road only to fall off a cliff. Did I struggle on the hard path. did I choose right. are all paths hard. Did I do it for the right reasons. there’s some truth to all this. we make mistakes. they say hindsight is 20/20. sometimes you’re to close to something to see the whole map. I’m guilty of it. I get tunnel vision. the difference being now I can admit this. I can step back and look at the situation. I can ask the tough questions and at the end of the day I really only have one goal. thats my daughter. for the next 20 years I’m in charge of getting her to a place where she can take care of herself thats not to say that my job ends after 20 years. I’ll always be there for her she just might not need me as much. so yes I’ve made mistakes even as early as yesterday and tomorrow I’ll make some more. today my heart is full and my eyes clear. I see the hurdles I must overcome. I see the endzone.I already know I can’t lose. I just can’t I’m not allowed to lose for my families sake. I’ve already won .Money and things are just stuff we can’t take to the grave. Memories and love nobody can ever take from you.My daughter smiling at me with her 2 front teeth I’ll carry that forever. I hope today finds you well. I hope you have a full heart and clear eyes. I hope you can take a step back from your own problems and see them clearly. they say you don’t get a lot of second chances. I say every day is a second chance. a Chance to be the brother, father,mother you should be. A chance to do the right thing, to make things right. to stop living in the past and realize the past is no more who you are than a picture is. and as today becomes the past even now you become something else. fight for today don’t give an inch till you’ve won even if you have to fight yourself. as always much love from Illinois. I’ll see you soon adapt and live.

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