Back from the future!

Wait, you don’t understand. If you don’t play, there’s no music. If there’s no music, they don’t dance. If they don’t dance, they don’t kiss and fall in love and I’m history. – Marty Mcfly

Believe what you will but, sometimes I’d like to think we get help from our past and future selves. If me now met me at 17 and told him that he’d get all he wants it just takes time. If I told that head over heels for a riot girl self that shes going to break your heart and then give you the little girl you’ve always wanted. everything happens when its supposed to my friend. hearts break ,people die, others are born . sometimes you kiss the girl and never stop. since I started this blog I now have a time machine to talk to my past and future self. to my future self I say love and respect your wife. I know it can be hard for you at times but listen to her. raise the daughter of yours to be a beautiful high self esteemed woman. I know you will. to my past self I thank you for the scrapes and bruises. and thank you for never giving up on gwendolyn. Couldn’t have done it without you.
so one year tonight at 10:20 my daughter will turn 1 we made it she’s alive. this parenting thing isn’t so hard. guys she’s great. I’ve wanted this kid for so long. for so long she was my dream. I didn’t dream much when I slept but when I was awake I dreamed of her. shes like a real human now. she loves youtube. favorite song is black or white by Michael Jackson. she also enjoys some Maroon 5 , JT, Notorious BIG. she just loves music. we have also started reading books over and over again. she loves them. food wise she likes most food not really red meat though. she knows when we’re eating ice cream and will stare at us the whole time. you may say 2020 has been a shit show of a year but to me I got to be a dad the whole year so I may say it was the best year I’ve ever had. its funny before you have a kid you have all these doubts about if you can do it. hell how can you do it. how do you get a baby through life. well when you have help its pretty good. the riot wife is an excellent mom for someone that never wanted kids and waited so long shes a natural. it helps that we’re not sweaty kids anymore. kid is crazy though which I love. I want to raise a daughter with little to no fear. like her dear old dad.she climbs to the top of the couch and starts dancing and yes she has fallen off but that doesn’t stop her from climbing back up. hell I was climbing 100 ft trees at age 5. we don’t win them all my friends were not meant to we gotta lose sometimes and learn from our mistakes. we change. I’m not who I was yesterday and tomorrow I’ll be somebody else. I’ll still be a father and a husband but I’ll be a little wiser thanks to past me. happy birthday baby girl. maybe furture you is reading this. if you are I hope you can tell how much you’ve been loved. I hope you find happiness and success. but really love. I hope everyone finds love its not easy in this swipe right or left world. sometimes its with a stranger that ask you to dance. sometimes its someone you see across the street. sometimes its in a french class. loves tricky. its not something I can explain in a blog. I hope me and your mom can show you through our actions as you grow. this can be our little secret gwen. I never loved anyone like I love your mom. You deserve such a love. don’t settle for less. love isn’t perfect. its perfectly unperfect. I know your dads a little crazy and all over the place. thats where you get it from As always I love you if you read this or not. adapt and live
Great Scott- Doc Brown

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