Starting over

whats that mean. is it the end of something. is it the beginning of something. how may times have you had to start over. were you better the second time. is it because you failed that you got better. did you learn anything. does starting over mean that you lost all your progress. in some ways yes you know i bought a home at 21 and sold it because of an unfortunate situation. now im buying another at 31 do I beleave the last 10 years have been a waste. hell no its all different chapters. learning and growing. at 21 I was in a good position to buy a home now I’m in an even better one. me and the wife got divorced and then we got to start over. starting over can be great and its sometimes wise to wash the past away. Learn from it and move on. so if you’ve followed me at all you may notice that I don’t do anything slow. when I set my mind to something it gets done. no seriously i don’t eat or drink until its done.mind over matter. me and the wife busted our asses getting the house ready to sell and after 2 days of listing it we had a cash offer. now thats fast. we poured our love into this home and made it ours . got married in this home we had our daughter in this home and for that it will be missed. she won’t remember but we will.its time though to start over. we need the room to grow and the safety for our kid now more then ever. life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. you can be happy you can feel it. one thing you should never stop doing is pursuing it. don’t become stagnant. don’t just punch a clock. spend time with your around the yard with your kid. think on those lost memories that make you happy. it makes all the difference. I was brought up to believe that there’s a time for everything. a time to laugh a time to cry. a time to start over. maybe you’ve just joined us maybe you’re an old friend. whomever you are im glad that you found me. you wouldn’t believe the amount of stress I’ve been under. selling and buying a home at the same time is very hard less everything else thats going on in life. I leave it at that. and hey happy Thanksgiving. I’m thankful for my little daughter, I’m thankful for her wonderful mother and I’m thankful for the chance to start over. as always much love from Illinois soon to be ex Illinois. enjoy your time its all the time you have. adapt and live

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