Supermarket flowers.

One day you go to sleep your mom is in the world the next day you wake up she’s not. I drove by my childhood home today and I could see my mom in the window writing in her bible. I could see her around the bonfire in the backyard.I don’t know if we will have a funeral because these uncertain times . So this is for you mom.My mom. joyful,loving,strong. A giant. She’s the empire states building. She’s Mt Everest. She was colorfull, full of life and love she made most her clothes ,she made heart rugs ,she studied to be a nurse, she was brilliant.she loved to laugh. she loved family game night. she played the tambourine and mandolin with my dad. she liked some weird things like orange juice in her cereal, cheese on apple pie and cheese on French toast even I like that last one though. Her favorite perfume was a gardenia perfume that my dad always got her on special occasions she loved perrier more than water. she didn’t curse, she didn’t watch r-rated movies. She believed whole heartedly in hear no evil, see no evil, and speak no evil.She was the happiest person I will ever know always had a smile and when she was in church everyone knew she was there.she had more patience than anyone I know she would have to in order to homeschool me and my sister these are the ways l’ll remember my mom. I’m sad she never met my daughter. I could be and was angry because she chose to spend her last years in the mountains. but when I take a look at my moms life of self sacrifice I’m at peace with her being what seemed to be selfish near the end. my mom tought me and my sister for 8 years. she stayed at home and took care of us. she served this country in the army. she never got a license to drive. when we lived in a 2 bedroom house she gave me and my sister the rooms because we never had our own rooms. shes the kind of mom that even when we had very little made it seem like we had the world.she loved my dad in the good and bad times and after 50 years I’m sure there were many of both. her and my dad have been inseparable forever they tought us what true honest love looks like. When I talk to him I feel his pain but I could never imagine the depths of it. Not only did my mom teach me and my sister how to read and write. she tought us to be kind, to see the good in the world . to love others and to do unto others how we would want done unto us. covid lockdowns made it so she couldn’t see my daughter and so I couldn’t see her at the end. I know without a shadow of a doubt that she is proud of me. I always knew. my mom and dad were on every sideline of every game I’ve ever played. from the small town games to the state level. and she was the loudest on the field. I couldn’t of asked for a more supportive mom. she gave me the tools I needed to grow to the man I am today. my success in life is largely due to my mom and dad. I know where my mom is going to spend eternity and I hope she watches over me and mine even today. You did a good job mom we’ll take it from here.thank. you.I love you mom.

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