So we left the bed and breakfast and went back to oceanside we basically spent a lot of time in a car moving. I remember barely fitting in the back seat. What do you do when you get back you to oceanside? You go to disneyland. I may mix this story up because i was so young and its foggy. We got to see my brothers again and that was great. We rented a small place on the beach and that was great. A love for the beach is ingrained in us Wessmans. I could just watch the waves all day. We spent a few years and my dad did landscaping for an apartment complex where we lived also. This was a great time very stable near family. Something happened either my dad  didn’t like the job or he got fired but in retro spec its good we left.Things happened at this complex to me that I only remember vaguely and don’t really want to talk about.

My moms sister in Chicago likes to get drunk and make a lot of promise so my parents decided to move again to Chicago. Leave my brothers again.

We got in the car and hit the road towards Chicago I’m 8 or 9 at this point I think. Now I’m a little bigger and barely barely fit in the back seat. my parents had friends in Texas that we stopped to see. Seems like they have friends everywhere. I’m sure I’m forgetting things but this is a good time to stop for now. thanks


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