Forest park

I lived in 3 different houses in forest park. At this point I’ve lost track of how many homes, garages or cars Ive lived in. Keep in mind this is all I’ve ever know so it was the norm.

Forest park was and is great its a beautiful nice neighborhood. I was homeschooled but I never had a hard time making friends. I had some awesome friends from just going up and knocking on kids doors . This was back when kids played outside still. Things that happened in Forest park I had my first and only street fight, 911, puberty, seen my first boob and few other things. I had the most friends I’ve ever had at 1 time in forest park. we destroyed bees nest, explored abandon warehouses,we had forts, we played kickball, pokemon, legos, videogames, other outdoor games ,7 eleven slurpees and portillos

Our apartment was kinda small, but still bigger than our car. It was a 2 bedroom my parents stayed in the living room and me and my sister had our own rooms, but I had to walk through her room to get to mine. Needless to say she didn’t love this. 2 women also lived above us.

We lived close to downtown Chicago just a 20min train trip. We went to  museums downtown a few times and visited the city it was great. My dad worked in the town over so we went to see him for lunch a lot as well. which reminded me of oceanside ca where we did the same thing.

Every friday we would go see my grandma and wash our cloths at my aunts house. fridays were fun, we would get some good food watch some cable tv see my grandma. good times. I’m sure my aunt and uncle didn’t love it though. my family invading their house every friday night was hard for them. my aunt and uncle are great though and i love them dearly.

Something happened I think the rent was going up or something but it was time to move again. my mom  knew a jewish woman that lived across town and she let us stay with her so we all piled into 1 room. don’t ask me how my parents always seem to find people willing to help. The woman also had a foster kid, a girl around 13 I think she was kinda a bad kid a little ghetto but I liked her and she was nice for the most part. she wasn’t that nice to her foster mom though. Its here where I discovered long showers.

We lived across the street from the water park now. I was 13 or so and the water park was awesome it sucked to be across town from my friends, but I still saw them a lot. We couldn’t stay with this foster mom and an apartment opened up 2 doors down so we moved there. I remember having some good times here. I also have this memory of crying myself to sleep a many times, but I’m not sure why could be that I missed my brothers could be that I was sick of moving, could be the hormones. I contemplated running away at this time which I think a lot of kids do at this age with less stress than I was under. I was sad, angry and  lonely a lot like my current state of emotion and I’m currently thinking of running away. also a story for another time.

We didn’t stay there long either and the next move was to my current town.water


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