Braidwood almost home

Braidwood IL is where I currently live and it has been the closest thing to a stable life I’ve ever had. It’s a small town of 6000. When we moved here it had no stop lights, now it has 1 set.

When we first moved out to braidwood from forest park which is an hour or so apart, my dad still worked in river forest. My aunt had a trailer in shadow lakes which me and my cousin spent a lot of time at. It’s a gated community where people vacation and fish. My parents tried to buy a small place there but it’s hard to get a loan on a trailer. Around this time I was supposed to be going into high school, but without an address you can’t get into school, I didn’t want to do my freshmen year in homeschool so I actually missed a year of school while my parents were trying to get a home.

My parents ended up getting a home after we stayed at my aunts trailer for awhile. The house was old, all electric and needed some work. It was a 2 bedroom with a garage and my parents you guessed it stayed in the garage. As I reflect on this it makes me sad that my parents never really had a room and that even when it was good it was a struggle.

So we got a house we signed up for school and what happens my dad loses his job what a crazy life. Never a break from the struggle. Never the less we started school and my dad started unemployment.

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