My first and only love(The 1) part 1

img_20180225_2004351.jpgOk this is it the moment of truth. This will most likely be a few parts. It was a major part of my life almost 12 years.

Highschool french class freshman year. Yes I took french girl to guy ratio was like 10:3 no brainer,but after the first class I only had eyes for 1 girl a riot girl. she was short,blonde,outspoken,smart and gorgeous. My God that smile and laugh had me hooked. I was just the weird new kid with the weird name and the weird obsession with drawing sombreros. I never had a girlfriend and she was way out of my league but french class was awesome.  Nothing really happened with her till sophomore year. Just me pining for a girl. Walking around the halls in circles hoping to run into her, trying to make friends with  her friends. I did make friends with her friends and after a dance went back to her house with a group. Her house was the party house nice basement with pooltable and music. I remember talking while sitting on the pooltable it was awesome. Of course I still thought I had no chance with this beautiful girl. Anyways we became friends. I was getting all this pressure to date this chick in my drama class and we flirted a lot. I figured I should date someone even if it wasn’t who I wanted to so I started dating her. She was ok and it was different and weird kissing sucked and thats all we did.

While I was dating this other girl me and the riot girl were becoming better friends. I’d invite her to bonfires and call her on the phone talk for hours. Pretend to be drunk so I could say things and get it brushed off as he’s just drunk. Even to this day I never felt like I deserved her. After about 3 months of dating the other girl I broke it off with her. found out from a gossip that the riot girl liked me and it was on. I waited for july 4th at her house after I asked her parents If I could date her sometime. She said yes sometime. and yes I picked july 4th to ask her so I could remember the date smart right. We had an awesome summer of face sucking. I say face sucking because I don’t think we could call it kissing but we learned how to kiss. under the boat, in the car, on the couch, at the movies. I remember the first movie we went to as a group and held hands I think it took me like 30 mins to work up the nerve to do that.

I have more to get out but this is good for now after my crazy all over the place childhood I finally found where I was supposed to be and it was all worth it. I thought anyways…







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