Undeserving(The 1) part 2

So where were we oh I remember finally, happy finally stable. I got her. It felt great to like someone that liked you back. of course I said I love you first. but in fairness I’d been in love with her for a while before we even dated. I fall hard and fast. I scared her and I think she almost left me at the time which in retrospect would’ve been devastating but maybe not as bad as it was after 11 years. she was everything to me and I really didn’t deserve her. I was a loser going nowhere and I was just gonna hold her back but I think and hope at some point she loved me. we went on family trips, hung out all summer, went to everything together. Which is kinda why my life is weird now I never dated in my adult life never wanted to I found my 1 I just wasn’t her 1. She made me want to be better do better without her I may not of been so successful so early in my life.

Her parents great people loving, kind and cool. cooler than I ever was. They took me in right away. Her moms food was great and trust me I ate a lot over the years so I would know. Her dad a hard working man with his heart on his sleeve who taught his daughter how to stand up for herself. They helped me a lot over the years and I will always love them. I’ll never forget the vacations, holidays, fishing trips and dinner nights. In 11 years there were many great times with them. I will miss them a great deal.

Back to high school we had the same friends went to all the dances it was perfect. nerd and jock match made in heaven. I joined choir and the musicals so I could be with her. and up to a few months ago I never wanted to be without her. she really was it for me I never even looked at other girls. You know how guys say they can look and not touch. I didn’t even look or even think of looking. We graduated and I knew she was it. I didn’t want to go to college. I wanted to stay in this town with the love of my life and start being a electrician it was 2008 so not many jobs to go around I actually spent a year doing nothing. I’m surprised she didn’t leave me at this point or her parents make her leave me at this point hell I would’ve left me. After a year I got a job at walmart spent 4 days there it was so boaring  I couldn’t do it anymore and a week or so later I got a great job at a chemical factory which is where I am today. I kinda skipped over high school very fast. I’d just rather leave it. It was a great time I found a great girl and had a perfect high school life. Lets leave it at that. It’s late I’m out. In the end My worst fear was real I never deserved her.


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