Proposal(the 1) part 3

Had the girl, got the job ok we’re working towards what I’ve always wanted doing everything right. I went from a year of nothing to working full time (nights) going to school and running cross country and some how finding time to spend with the riot girl. There were days where sleep didn’t happen. sometimes I’d work from 10 pm to 6 am and then run and then go to a 3 to 5 hour long class. You know I look back on this and it sounds crazy. I was determined to become a mechanic at my job. I already made good money in my current position but needed that bump if I was gonna move and get married. When you got the one and you know its right you find the will to do anything to make it happen. When I woke up, well I knew I was gonna be the man who woke up next to her. and when I went out, yeah I knew I was gonna be the man who went along with her. and when I came home, yeah I knew I was gonna be the man who came home to her. and when I dreamed well I knew I dreamed of the time I spent with her. I would’ve walked 500 miles just to fall down at her door. I could go on but you get the idea. I know she never asked for me to do everything for her but I did it all for her and this idea of the perfect life. So I got this job I was going to school for and finally I could ask her. My sister actually told me about some homes in the area and I was surprised by how much land and house I could get for my money.  I started looking at homes with this girl. I went to her parents house asked for her dad he was out back fishing. Moment of truth I could feel my heart beat in my head. The last time I asked a question like this he didn’t say anything so needless to say I was terrified.  I don’t remember the whole thing that well probably because I almost passed out but he said yes. For the life of me I don’t know why. I didn’t think I was good enough how could he. All that’s left is the proposal. We went to my home town in Oceanside CA. I had it all planned I was so nervous. Me and her on the beach in the town I was born  with my brother, his wife and nieces. a plane fly’s over head with marry me (insert name here) I’m on 1 knee and I asked her it was amazing. First thing she says is did you ask my dad I said duh. I picked the ring out it was beautiful she was beautiful. Why couldn’t the plane of just gone down on the way home I could’ve died the happiest man alive I realize how this sounds I’ll just never be that happy again. and I just feel like a worthless man who failed at the one thing that mattered. I don’t wish her dead FYI she survived the crash to live a great life without me in the hypothetical.

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