Best laid plans

12 days to figure out what I’m doing when my house closes. closing will bring an end to the last piece of my past. I have to say goodbye to a dream I had of my kids 1 day breaking my high school records. I have to say goodbye to that dream of retiring early with a house that’s paid for by 50. I’m OK with leaving these dreams for new ones that involve me living by the water. these were a rough 6 months. where I focused on myself but still had so many outside problems to deal with not everything is resolved. I have to figure out the canceling of my bills. the change of address. the move. my Id theft issues. my gym membership. my graduation from jjc. tell my current job bye bye. when I think of all I’ve done and all I need to do. I just want a nap. the trip is coming and I’m getting excited but it will probably be another tough 6 months ahead.

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