the maze

OK well disregard my last post. ever think you are nearing the end of a maze or chapter and then you find out you made a wrong turn and now you have to back track. well I just found out that the buyer’s of my home loan fell through. now I have to put my house back on the market and go through all the bs again. I was so close to being able to move on I could taste it. I know it will sell and this time next year I’ll be somewhere different. physically and mentally. I was having dinner with a good friend of mine the other night and it made me realize life really is a maze and amazing. He’s one of 6 adopted kids. crazy more power to his adopted mom I think I’ll stop at 2 when I have kids. I’m getting ready to have a great evening I have tomorrow off and at this point I’ll just keep rolling with the punches. what’s another black eye.

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