Work family

It’s amazing how close you can get to people that you work with. In this country we spend more time with people at work than our actual family. I’m glad my crew at work is full of great guys. It’s weird because I took them for granted before I told them I was getting a divorce and moving. They have been nothing but supportive. They are more mad about what happened to me than me. like they want the address of the pos that went after my wife. of course I would never give it to them. forgive and never forget because if you forget you won’t learn from it. that being said I don’t plan on holding a grudge my whole life I’m not about that. At work we are a team. We help each other, we have fun,we eat together, we laugh together, and we stand by each other. I have no doubt that if I need 1 of these guys for anything they would be there and I would do the same. I don’t have much family left near me but my work family is big. I won’t miss the job but I will miss these guys.

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