Last day of your life

If today was the last day of your life would you be proud of it? Would you dance in the street? Would you rob a bank? Would you tell someone you love them? Would you go to work?
I’d smile at everyone I see. I’d tell everyone I love them. I’d picture my past in a good light. I’d talk to that pretty girl. I’d sing in the shower. Hell I’d sing everywhere. I’d help someone. I’d laugh. I’d breath. I’d stop to smell the flowers. Today wasn’t my last day on earth I hope, if it is I’m proud of it. Today was a great day I again spent the day mostly alone. I was OK with myself today. My house was being shown all day. I got my essay done. I talked to a quite few people. I worked on myself. I helped a few people. I smiled at everyone. It was a good day. Some days all people need is a kind word or a smile.

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