Lost 200 lbs

I know what you’re thinking 200 no way. Well 50 was what I lost on my body. I also lost a whole person. I physically feel great. This road all started with a health screening I did at work. I was not healthy and I had always been healthy, but beer got to me over the past few years. After the screening I took a look at my life and said what am I doing. I started an app called 8fit. 8 fit was a great way to slowly get back to shape. They give you recipes,grocery list and workouts. Mind you I was doing this for my wife and my life. In November of last year I got a gym membership. I went about 3 times a week. that’s where I lost the bulk of the fat. I had muscles I didn’t even know existed. The gym was a great help with my divorce. It got me out and let me blow off steam. Who knows what I would’ve done without it. I had a goal lose fat and tone up. Then the goal changed I’m now 2 months into my captain America workout, which is the same work out Chris Evans did for the movie. I can do 1 arm pull-ups now. I raise the weights every week. I eat healthy but it’s not hard to do. Fish, chicken and steak mostly. Now I don’t want you to read this and think this guys a meat head. I hope no-one that knows me thinks that. If you read some other post I don’t think I sound like a meat head. Best advice I can give is if something bad happens to you find something positive to take your time. Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing. Do you. I dived into work and gym. Not bars and booze. There’s a time for booze just not every weekend. Remain positive. It’s really hard and I fail some days. I get to try again the next day though. They just did the health screening at work again and I’m in the best shape of my life physically still working on mentally. Which is OK we should always work on ourselves. The stronger we make ourselves the more we can do for others. Someone out there maybe has or is going through something like what I did. If that’s you feel free to contact me. I’m not the expert but I’m a much better listener than I ever was. Nobody has it all together. We all have pieces of the puzzle. We need to work together to see the whole picture. Thanks for listening.

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