The best is yet to come.

Update on my house. It’s pending sale again and this time it looks like a sure thing. The buyer’s have lots of money to put done and they already scheduled the home inspection. update on my life I’m not in love with the x anymore. I thought I would be forever,but it’s gone so yeah me. I still love her and the time we spent together. I’m just not in love with her anymore. The hardest part about all this now is that I spent everyday with someone else for 11 years give or take a Few days. Sometimes you have to lose everything to know what you really want. I define my life. Works been pretty great. The gym has been super relaxing. Girls have been really nice. Guys at work have become more than coworkers. Going to more sporting events then ever. The picture is me at cubs game it was freezing, but it was a blast. My new watch obsession is cool. I experienced a life changing event.I’ll never make the same mistakes again. I’m making a point to work on things that matter. I’m reading a book on love languages. I put my phone away. I’m upfront with my feelings. I listen better. I’m preparing myself for success. I hope to find it again one day. It’s weird not being in love with someone.I couldn’t just continue down the same path. Be the same person. I’m not perfect I’ll never be. no-one is perfect. I don’t want to be perfect. I just want to be better. I trying to live my best life and just see where that takes me. It’s hard. Hardest thing I’ll ever do. Hard work. I know that it is worth the hard work. This is your life are you who you want to be? I leave you with this pray for me. I have more life changing decisions to make and not much time to make them. I know what I want now I need to find a way to get it. thanks for listening. Darkest right before the sun so true.IMG_20180417_204339.jpg

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