Just dance!

You know the expression dance like nobody’s watching. That expression was made for me. Ever since high school dances, where I would tell my couch that the dance is a better workout than practice I’ve been in love with it. I’m proud to say I still got the moves. I haven’t danced much or at all in the past 7 months, but last night I let loose. I had so much fun stress be gone worries be gone. I was out with a few coworkers and the bar we were at had a live band called Coverlicious 80s and 90s which was awesome. They were so good. I was on stage with them fist bumping. They said they wanted to party with me. I got most the bar to get up and dance. I did flips I did the splits a little stripping. I was all over. Not 1 person didn’t know me by the end of the night. The staff loved me which is rare. I wasn’t that drunk. Amazing time I still got the moves. I took a step outside and the bouncer said you better not be leaving. You are the life of the party. That was nice to hear. I thank my friends for driving me home and for dancing with me. Just dance just breath just live.

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