Age it’s just a number.

The length of time that a person has lived or a thing has existed.

Do you remember when you were young and your parents would tell you don’t do this or don’t do that.What would you usually do? What they said not to. Why do you think that was? It’s because most of us learn by making mistakes or watching others make mistakes. I’m another year older today. I usually don’t care about or celebrate my birthday. This one is a weird one. My last birthday I was married and happy. I had someone who cared about my birthday more than me. That was nice. I’m 29 and in the best shape of my life. This past year has taught me more about life than any other year. I’ve learned to be my own person. I’ve learned there are great people on this planet also terrible people. Hardship shows you your true friends. I have 2 older brothers so I learned what to do and what not to to largely from them. I’ve still got more to learn. We all have more to learn.

Age it truly is just a number I know people in their 90s who are sharper and healthier than me. The only thing I want this year is wisdom. Wisdom to make the right choices,do the right things,trust the right people. Don’t fear the fall for every fall there is a rise. I’m on the rise and this world is in trouble because it can’t keep me down. I know I will fall again, I will make mistakes again. I welcome the challenge.

Tonight is about all the seafood and the friends I will spend my time with. If you are reading this I thank you and love you. Don’t fear age,the fall or mistakes.Enjoy the rise.

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