Crazy beautiful sexy.

I can’t help it. I’m a believer in true love. You will never change my mind on this. My body physical hurts when I’m not around the love of my life. So you could imagine the past 6 months of my life. It’s weird . Have you ever played the hot and cold game. As I get closer to her the warmer I get. I actually feel better just being closer. Now you can say I’m crazy. I can only tell you how I feel. Shes my bestfriend has been for years. We share a deep history. I remember being in high school you know that young love where nothing else matters and you just want to be together. I still feel that way today. Every dance, every party, every kiss, every shared moment. I’m not done. I got more to do. She is enough though. We all make mistakes. God knows I made plenty. Now you may not believe in God which is fine that’s your choice that being said jesus was a man that actually walked this earth and I like to think he was funny,kind and most of all wise. He said let the first of you without sin toss the first stone. Not one of us is without blemishe. It’s never to late to make things right. Shes the perfect woman for me. Shes crazy enough to keep me on my toes. The most beautiful woman I know. Lifes a ride it will never stop. Hard things happen that can make us or break us sometimes both. She broke me but It was a good thing it made me appreciate what I had and lost. It made me work. I can’t make you do anything but I can give you advice. If you love your family fight. Tomorrow doesn’t matter, retirement doesn’t matter, objects don’t matter. She matters. Right now matters. Tomorrow isn’t promised. We can only do our best with today. I wasn’t man enough for her in the past. I’d like to think I am now. I’m still fun just a little older and a little wiser I see the world through different eyes now. Chasing after new goals now. A few of my goals are making her happy making,myself happy and helping people. The thing is not one of these goals has an end. What I’m saying is when shes happy I can’t stop trying to make her happy. When I’m happy I can’t stop fighting. When I help someone I can’t stop helping. I’m still writing blogs about you. I wish I could put in words the feelings I have. If you’ve experienced true love. Which at some point in your life I hope you have then you know the feeling I’m trying to describe. It’s a rush like you’re falling but you feel safe. You dive head first and you dont look up. Theres a peace to it. Shes the one that got away. I still have no regrets in this world I’m happy to say. I roll with the punches. If I never seen my riot girl again I would’ve regretted it. Remember now I was homeschooled and I’m very happy I got to go to highschool. It was fate. Even as young kids me and my riot girl crossed paths. This world was trying to bring us together. Now I truly believe that. And when we met that first day in French class many years ago I was hooked. I said to myself who is this beautiful girl with this beautiful smile. Shes got the perfect amount of sassy and sweet. Like she was made in a lab . Sugar, spice and everything nice. I knew that day that this was a person I wanted to know. Now my experience to this point with girls was extremely minimal. So I was extremely awkward, but what sweaty teenager isn’t. I had the perfect highschool experience. I loved it and I loved her. Hard and true the only way i know how to love. She was it for me in highschool. I never even thought of another girl. She made my highschool experience. She makes every experience. 2 is more 2 is better. I won’t stop I cant stop life is short not to be and do what you want. She’s enough shes always been enough life got in the way I got distracted I got buried alive. It’s easy to let life get in the way. Love is tough. Nobody said it’s easy. It’s not lust it’s not infatuation. True love is so much more its deeper. Infatuation fades. I’ve experienced it and for a day it was nice awesome even but after you’re left empty. With the riot girl I’m never empty. I’m happy my life is what it is. If it wasn’t what it was I wouldn’t be where I am. She makes me want to be better. As a side note I can’t recommend the 5 love languages enough. It will change your life. Read it. It’s short simple sweet and true. All I know is today is the best day of my life and when tomorrow comes it will be the best day of my life because shes in it.

As always you are loved. If you read this I love you if you don’t I love you. True love isn’t just for Disney. Adapt or die.


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