Jamaica we got a bobsled team.

Hello and welcome.  I’m back from vacation Jamaica was great definitely recommended, but if you want to sleep maybe don’t go to couples swept away. Dont get me wrong Beach  was beautiful and the food was amazing. Only problem is the location it’s right next to a party resort hedonism. They were literally beating the drums till 4am. Now I can sleep through anything but the girl is a very light sleeper. That aside great trip. It was great to recharge. I stepped a little out of my comfort zone this time and got a couples massage. It was awesome that’s definitely a skill they made 2 hands feel like 4 and I may have passed out a little. Waking up every morning drinking mimosas looking at the ocean now that’s where we should be. I could listen to the ocean all day. I was basically born on the beach and its ingrained in my blood sand and salt water. Now I’ve spent most of my life in the land of Lincoln but I still remember being young and always at the beach for big bonfires and parties. That could’ve been the rest of my life. I’m happy with the way my life went though you know me big believer in everything happens for a reason. Food at this resort was awesome for once on vacation I didn’t get sick of the food. Every meal we ordered all the desserts and shared them. I had lobster and steak twice. A+ for the food. We spent the afternoon on the beautiful 7mile white sand beach with 50spf on still got a lot of sun but not burnt so that was cool. I’ve been burnt on vacation and the sheets feel like knives so I made sure not to get burnt. Me and the girl danced a little not as much as we should’ve but theres always time for more dancing. We had a romantic dinner on the beach one night. The first night we were there I think. we tried a walk on the beach we heard an odd noise so we pulled out our phones and what did we see in the dark. A cat with a bat. Now the cat thing isn’t new to us I’ve been to Jamaica 4 times now they have wild cats everywhere to keep the bug population in check but the bat thing was new never seen a bat on the beach. Needless to say we didn’t take anymore night beach walks. Room was cool very open and  no tv. I worked out twice on the trip. They had an outdoor gym. Great trip. Now the flight back 3 stops 3 different plans all day event but we were together so we made it fun even though I felt like I would never leave an airport. Now back to reality as they say. Back to the soap factory back to the firehouse back to Walter. I do enjoy a nice vacation but it’s nice to have something to come back to. I’d move to Jamaica if I didn’t want kids.

Today is my off day but I worked anyways and now I’m at the firehouse. Sunday was hopefully the last sunday I’ll have to work. I switched shifts to mondays through Fridays 6 am to 2pm so that should be good. I had to shave today after letting my beard grow for 2 weeks. Not much happening at the firehouse at the moment so I’m trying to get a workout in tonight is rit training. Which is training to rescue 1 of our own. Lifes weird if you’d of asked me 1 year ago where I’d be today I wouldn’t of said in a firehouse,Divorced, in the best shape of my life and beardless but I couldn’t be happier with my life. Everything happens for a reason. Everything. Shes my reason what’s yours.

As always I love you if you read this or if you don’t. Adapt or die.














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