Happy happy happy.

Happy- a feeling of being content with. Glad,Joy etc..

Have you ever been. My guess is you have if not now at some point in your beautiful life you have. Birth of a child, wedding, dating a new girl or guy, your sports team wins, you get a new job ,you get into that school or program you want etc… there are more reasons then I or you could count for us to be happy and yet so much sadness exist in this world so much pain. Here’s what I think ,pain is put there to make us stronger to help us appreciate the good times and strive for them. As I write this happy happy happy blog for the second time because my draft of 900 words got deleted I could get discouraged or I could take it as a sign to do better to write more. To presson. I’ve felt pain I’ve been sad. I’m done with it. I’ve been discouraged. I’m done with it. It’s crazy how a child or a kid can entertain themselves and us as adults we have so much and we can be so bored,so sad. We decide our own fate our own feelings. That’s not me saying kids dont feel sadness. It’s me saying why as adults do we have to lose our imagination. Why as adults do we need things or people to make us happy. If we can’t be happy with what we have we won’t ever be happy. Because we have so much. Some of us had to deal with some shit at a very early age and sometimes that stunts our growth some of us take our trials and tribulations and we rise above them we overcome them. No 2 situations are the same no 2 people are the same. And no one faults you for how you deal. A great quote from oscar wilde says “Be yourself, everyone else is taken” it’s so true when I was in high school track I always showed up to my races and I always ran my race. I didn’t care what anyone else was doing, run your race. My senior year I was the top dog for my area other kids would ask me to take it easy on them AKA not run as fast. I always thought they were being stupid they were worrying about everyone else instead of their own race. Yet I appreciated the complament. To put it into perspective though as a freshman I lost every race I ran. So races were just about doing better this time then last time and when I started winning races that didn’t change. Stop worrying about others.Live how you want to live. Lifes short. Find happiness in the simple things. The smiles the laughter, natures beauty,Game of thrones etc.. maybe you didn’t grow up with a lot money maybe you didn’t have AC, the best cloths, the newest toys, HBO or a jetski. Maybe the neighbors did. Don’t strive to be the neighbors just make friends with them. What good does it do a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul. Not one of us can take it all with us when we leave. I’ve always been a happy kid. Now this day I’m a happy adult. I’m happy for what I’ve done,where I’ve been and where I’m going. I’m happy for a wonderful beautiful crazy girlfriend. I’m happy all my parents are alive. I’m happy for a healthy dog Walter. I’m happy for AC for HBO for the sunset for the rain. You’d be hard pressed to find a reason to get me down. I’m happy for perspective. People say plan for failure plan for the future. And that works in many aspects of life. In my job as a mechanic or my job as a fireman it works. In my life though I now plan for the now. The right now. I plan on being happy. I’ve got more struggles ahead I’m sure the more good you try to do the more people and things will try and get you down. Misery loves company. Misery has no place in my life. Today I’m at the firehouse again and tomorrow is Friday happy Friday. Not sure what the weekend has In  store for me. I’m happy I have a weekend finally a regular schedule. So I can spend my off time with people I love. Are there still things I would like to be doing to many to count. In the words of a friend we all know and love so much time,too little to do stop that reverse it RIP willy.I’m still burning the candle at both ends and the middle but happy to do it. I’m happy I’m doing something I’m giving my time to something without expecting something in return. I used to think I was living a simple life. I wasn’t now I sold most my things. I sold my house and all I have left are the things that matter. Somethings matter. Be happy and don’t worry and if your life feels hard  like everything is against you you must be doing something right. Remain steady, Remain calm and remain happy. I love this song when I hear it it makes me happy that’s why its here. You can’t control others feelings or actions. You can control your own.

It’s not all about winning. Be happy you are in the race. You are a contender. You can do this. You will succeed.

As always much love from me if you read this or if you don’t. Adapt or die. Tomorrow isn’t promised so squeeze your loved ones now and just be happy.




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