Effort- determined attempt.

Effort almost everything we do takes some effort. As humans we are mostly lazy. We can stay home have starbucks delivered for breakfast. Get chipotle delivered for lunch and cheesecake factory for dinner. We can date with the swipe of a finger and Netflix. With all these things that are just helping us remain lazy why would you leave your house. Don’t get me wrong I love staying in with the people I love and having a lazy weekend. Its easy to get to comfortable and never do anything though.Theres a time and place for everything. When I got divorced it was easy to just go work gym home. It wasn’t easy to date. It wasn’t easy to make an effort for people that didn’t matter. It was easy to swipe through their faces. Why was or is all the burden of effort placed on the man . I’m a nice guy I hold doors I pay for dinners I come up with fun date ideas. I held up my side many times and I didn’t really care about the people . Maybe that’s why maybe they could sense that. I just find it funny that in today’s day an age we have to put all the effort in. In my experience maybe you had a different experience. I was just pretending to put effort into things. This worlds full of people that will just use you. Friends. I don’t have the kind that I have to see or talk to all the time. I do have a special few friends though shit I’m still friends with some people from highschool. But why is the burden always on me to make the effort. You know maybe you feel this way maybe you are the person who has to call or text first. Maybe you’re the person who has to plan everything. Put all the effort out there till one day you just can’t  now we all have busy lives and it’s easy to get in your own bubble. It would just be nice if the burden was shared. my job as a machinist doesn’t make me want to put effort into it anymore. I want all my effort to go to the fire department. The gym takes my effort. Watson makes me want to put effort in. I don’t tire of that. My love for her is effortless and yet it takes the most effort. It’s both the easiest thing I’ve ever done and the hardest. Easy because I want to make the effort. Hard because I dont feel like I can do enough.The reason I say it takes the most is because it’s worth the most. The problem is there aren’t enough hours in the day to show her how much I love her. The problem is we waste to much effort on stupid things. Who cares what the girl said about you. Who cares what those people think about you. They aren’t worth your effort. Don’t waste the effort on them. Make a determined attempt to live the best you can and give all your effort to people and things that build you up or you’ll just run out of effort. As I write this on a beautiful day


My effort tank is full.whatever happens  we will have fun. We will make the best of it. Lifes just better when you want to try. It’s only a burden if you make it one. We can only control our own actions. Nobody can make us care. Nobody can make us do. Making someone put effort in is like making someone quit smoking that doesn’t want to. It won’t last. You have to want to. If you’re wondering if I want to I want to.

As always I love you if you read or don’t. Life is worth the effort.

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