Raised on it


I’ve had an intersting life to say the least. My folks raised me right though. My lifes the only life I know so I can’t imagine it differently. Religious home, Moved a lot,home schooled and then high school. The years that define you. Especially high school. In highschool you start to figure out what you will be and do in adulthood. Now not everyone knows that in high school and that’s ok. In highschool we get put into all these different groups. You know jocks, preps,stoners,nerds,theater geeks maybe a few others im forgetting but you get the idea. Now I never fit in any one group and maybe that’s a group in and of itself. I got along with everyone for the most part. Sports played a large part in raising me. Track and soccer mostly. I dabbled in theater mostly for the girls. I know smart right. Girls now theres the biggest reason to go to highschool in my opinion. But before I dive into that I’d like to revisit jobs. If you know me you know I’ve always wanted to work with my hands and do something electrical basically since sophomore year. I grew up just thinking if I got a good job and I could provide a girl with all she wanted I’d be golden. I now know that’s not it. Theres so much more to it. I was raised to speak my mind maybe a little to much. People say I lack tact I say I’m overtly honest. Like Cramer from Seinfeld. I can’t help but say what everyone it thinking. I once to my boss to find me a new job when he asked me if there was anything he could do for me. Anyways I met the love of my life early on in life. If you’ve been reading you know that. I was raised on her. Shes a part of me it’s like when 2 trees are raised together our roots are intertwined. Part of my tree died. But guess what branches can always grow back. They might not look the same or be exactly the same but you can still use them to climb and swing. It’s a metaphor fool. I was raised on God and there are great things about that and not so great things. But I couldn’t be happier in my old age to have more of an understanding of it all. I will never hate another just for being different or their choices. Moving has been a critical part of my life. I was raised on moving and I’m still doing it. Generic brand of everything. Which was fine for the most part it’s the same thingin a less pretty box. We do it at wor package the same product in a different package and charge a different price. Small town life,bonfires, mom and dad, kissing under the boat,oatmeal cookies, honeybuns, plastic straws,Crazy random conversation,paintball, always having a date Friday night, Seinfeld,Friends,Ace Ventura, running,tang.converse buzzcuts,Just a few of the things I was raised on. Nothing as impactful and life changing as Watson. I wouldn’t be me without her. And I like me even when I don’t. Even when I fuck up. We are all human we are all raised differently. And we can all find common ground. Raise your glass and toast your upbringing because no matter what it got you to this day. We are raised to make choices and sometimes we make the wrong choice that being said if you’re alive theres still time

As always I love you and theres nothing you can do about it. Hold on we aren’t done learning.  Adapt or die



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